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Do you speak ill of the weather?

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Are you speaking ill of the weather?


“A bad word about the weather?”

“Is it hot today?”

That’s all there is to it.

“It’s hot today and I hate it.”


“It’s so hot in May that I’m worried about the future.”

“It’s humid and sticky and uncomfortable.”



These are called bad weather.

What’s wrong with speaking ill of the weather?

Who hears the most bad things about the weather?

your wife?




You are the one who hears the most bad things about your weather.


you emitted

“I don’t like it”


“It’s painful.”

You hear the word every day.


Then your brain will memorize the words more and more and you will feel like it.

Then, depending on the influence of the words you uttered, your feelings will gradually become “disgusting” and “unpleasant”.

It will be occupied by the feeling that it is painful.


If you meet someone with that kind of feeling

“This person is uncomfortable”


“He looks like an idiot”

I have a lot of feelings to say.


People who speak ill of the weather usually also speak ill of the people around them.

It is better not to speak ill of the people around you, but please be careful not to speak ill of the weather.


but on a hot day

“It’s hot today and I hate it.”

And it comes out reflexively.

but after that

“The beer I drink when I get home is going to be delicious.”

Please add.


When it’s humid and you sweat a lot

“Sticky and disgusting”

when I said

“It was a healthy day because a lot of waste products came out.”

Please add.


Your brain hears every word you say.

But he seems to remember the last words more strongly.

Even if you accidentally say it, try overwriting it with positive words afterwards.


And if you use a lot of words such as “happy”, “fun”, “happiness”, “thank you”, “lucky”, your brain will remember the words more and more, and you will use them more often, which will make your brain feel better.


Your mood isn’t something you get from someone else.

Your mood is your own.

First of all, let’s not speak ill of the weather.



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