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0 Yen Health Law

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There are various health methods in the world.

For example, doing yoga, going to the gym, meditating, eating pesticide-free vegetables, climbing mountains, etc.


There are various health methods, but they are expensive and difficult to continue.

The health method I’m going to introduce this time is a little bit, but it’s relatively easy to follow every day.

And it doesn’t cost.


that when you drink water

“Thank you for keeping me healthy”

and drink the water.


“Isn’t it strange?”

“What kind of religion?”

Some people think so.


Do you know the book “Water Knows the Answer, Sunmark Publishing, Masaru Emoto”?


(Excerpt from the text below)

Water is a mirror that reflects the human heart.

Water transcribes all the information in this world.

If you show the word “thank you” to the water and let it freeze, you will find that the crystals are beautiful and well-formed. Not made.


In this experiment, it was also noted that the water crystals that played Mozart were beautiful, and the crystals that played heavy metal were crumbling.


Also, although it is not this experiment, in another book, a summer vacation research project for elementary school students puts cooked rice in three jars and puts “thank you”, “idiot” and “nothing” on each jar. ” and repeated “thank you”, “stupid” and “do nothing” every day for a month.


Then, the rice that I listened to thank you every day was slightly fermented.

The rice that made me listen to idiots every day had black mold growing on it.

The rice that didn’t do anything melted slowly and was the worst.


This result clearly stated that the most vicious bullying problem is “ignorance”.


before drinking water

“thank you”


“Thank you for keeping me healthy”


“Thank you for rejuvenating me”

Please try to put into words how you would be happy if the water worked on you.


Because of this, the wrinkles on my face have become a little lighter.

I actually started using it because I wanted to make my gray hair black, but I haven’t seen any results yet, so I will continue using it every day.

If you’re embarrassed, please secretly try it lol.


Specialized in depression and autonomic imbalance

Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

Nishifuna Reset Manipulative Clinic


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