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That fatigue, brain fatigue?

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I’m always kind of tired,,,

I can’t get rid of my fatigue even after sleeping

I went for a massage, but it didn’t work.


Are you worried about this?

Your brain may be tired if you are suffering from these symptoms.


Certainly, modern society is a society where the brain is easily fatigued.

In particular, people who work at desks have to look at the screen all day long, but they hardly move their bodies.

My body is not tired, but my brain is tired.


Many people think that this fatigue is just fatigue, so they go for massages or soak in hot springs.

If you are tired all the time, even though you haven’t been exercising much, think of it as brain fatigue.


So how should we deal with brain fatigue?



How to deal with brain fatigue

rest with eyes closed


What kind of organ is the eye? It is an organ that the brain protrudes outward.

It’s part of the brain, so to speak.


In modern society, most people overuse their eyes.

“But I can’t help it because I have a desk job.”

Some people say.


But look back.

how do you spend your lunch break

Are you looking at your smartphone while eating lunch?

What about when you’re on the train?

Are you looking at your smartphone?

what are you doing when you get home

are you watching tv?

Are you looking at your smartphone?


Don’t you look at your smartphone as soon as you have a little time?


“because I’m bored”

That’s why your brain isn’t even given time to recover.


I know some people use their smartphones out of necessity, but most of us look at them just to pass the time.

By killing time, I’m repeating the days of “I’m always somehow tired”.


Close your eyes without looking at your smartphone.

Give your eyes an occasional rest to relieve fatigue.


But it’s also hard to have too much free time.

There is also pain where there is nothing to do.

Therefore, we recommend reading aloud apps such as audiobooks.


This is a service where professional narrators read aloud various books.

Passing time is shifting from eyes to ears.

The ear is an organ that is less fatigued than the eye.

Moreover, just killing time can be a study.


In today’s world where people are moving away from print, if you adopt this habit, you can read about 30 books a month.

When commuting, you can kill two birds with one stone by putting earphones in your ears and resting with your eyes closed.


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