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What is the relationship between depression and stomach?

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We also treat depression.

I’m good at treating depression!


“How can a manipulative cure depression?”

“Depression is a mental illness, isn’t it?”

Some may wonder.


The reason why I am good at treating depression is because I know the root of depression.

While treating many people with depression, I found a common denominator.



Root of Depression: ① Posture


A common denominator for depressed people is poor posture.

People with severe depressive symptoms have a stronger tendency to look down.


When I used to observe people who came with stiff shoulders, they looked down so much that their eyes couldn’t meet.

“Do you have any other painful symptoms?”

I heard that

“I’m depressed and I’m absent from work.”

I answered.


Depressed people are almost always recognizable by their appearance.

Depression and posture are related.



Root of Depression Part 2: Stomach


Another thing that people with depression have in common is stomach bloating.

Many people may find this surprising.


When I lightly press the belly of people who come to the hospital for depression at the first visit, almost all of them are very bloated.



“So what does that have to do with depression?”

I would think.


Stomach, especially intestines.

Did you know that the gut is the second brain?

Protozoa don’t have a brain and they think and act in the gut.


old people


liver sits


And so on, I was thinking about connecting my feelings and stomach.


Conversely, the state of your stomach affects how you feel.

If your stomach is bloated and tense, your first brain will also be tense and you won’t be able to sleep well.

If it continues for a certain period of time, it will lead to depression.



Fundamental remedy for depression


First of all, please improve your posture.

good posture

Place the back of your hand on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the back of the hand and arch the spine. there is).
Only this.

“Is it okay if I don’t puff out my chest?”

Yes, please don’t push yourself.

Pushing your chest out can make things worse.


And improve your gut health.


“Are you eating yogurt?”

“Lactic acid drink?”

In my experience, the condition of the intestines is overwhelmingly improved faster by avoiding bad foods that tire the intestines rather than taking foods that are good for the body.


As a representative food that makes the intestines tired

・ Convenience store bento

・Wheat products

is mentioned.


You know what a convenience store bento is, don’t you?

But aren’t wheat products surprising?


The stomach of people who eat wheat products every day is also very bloated.

Perhaps we Japanese are more or less allergens to wheat.

I’m not telling you to cut out wheat.

Make time for your intestines to recover, such as every other day instead of every day.


Specialized in depression and autonomic imbalance

Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

Nishifuna Reset Manipulative Clinic


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