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Does Multitasking Cause Anxiety? !

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Are you multitasking?

“What is multitasking?”


Multitasking means doing two or three things at the same time.


“I don’t multitask because I’m not very dexterous.”

You may say, but multitasking is fine.


Talk to people while operating your smartphone.
Play games while watching TV.
Watch TV while eating.
Think differently while talking to people.


Especially since smartphones have penetrated our lives, multitasking has become more common.

When I was a child, it was forbidden to watch TV while eating, but now it is common to watch TV while eating.


“But wouldn’t it be more efficient if we could save time by doing them simultaneously?”

Many people think so.


Unfortunately, humans are not designed to multitask.

Women seem to be somewhat better at multitasking than men, but they’re still significantly less accurate than they would be if they focused on one task at a time.

Some may look like Prince Shotoku, but that is an exception.



“When you multitask, you feel less happy and more likely to feel anxious.”

What do you think when you say

“I feel like watching TV while playing games doubles my happiness.”

Do you think that?


I’ll give you an easy-to-understand example.

Suppose you are broadcasting a gourmet program while you are eating.

Most of the gourmet programs are broadcast during meals, so I think it’s a real scene.



“This steak looks delicious”

I’m eating the meal in front of me while thinking about the steak on TV.


At this time


“I’m glad”

“Thank you.”

Can you feel that


Even though a delicious meal is prepared in front of you, you are eating the steak you see on TV thinking, “It looks delicious.”


i have meal time




I think it’s a place to train the feeling of saying.


But when you eat while watching TV, those precious emotions never come to the surface.


If you eat three meals a day, you should be able to say “delicious!”, “happy!”, and “fun!”


Everyone has feelings of anxiety.

However, the reason that anxiety wins out is because it makes it difficult for you to feel the feelings of “delicious!”, “happy!”, and “fun!”.


Starting today, stop multitasking and focus on one thing… It’s really hard to say.

As I mentioned earlier, my recommendation is to focus on eating.


If you have a family, you may not be able to turn off the TV, but try closing your eyes while you are chewing.

The taste and texture that was hard to feel until now come to mind.


AMSR is popular now, but you can also hear your own chewing sounds.

Self AMSR lol.


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