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Does looking down make you dizzy? !

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What would you do if you thought that looking down makes you dizzy?


“I never heard of such a thing.”

“If that were true, I should have been a fool long ago.”


Unfortunately, this is true.

In fact, research has shown that if you tilt your head 20 degrees and look down, blood flow in the brain decreases by 40%.

Only 20 degrees?

I think you are probably looking further down.


“What do you mean by reduced blood flow in the brain?”

For example, let’s say the blood flow in the brain is halved.

Half the blood flow means half the amount of oxygen in the brain.

Half the amount of oxygen in the brain means half the capacity of the brain.


Let’s say you work 8 hours.

However, if the amount of oxygen in the brain is only half, if only 4 hours of work can be done, or if 8 hours of work can be done, 16 hours of brain fatigue will be incurred.

It’s very inefficient.


“But I can’t do my job without looking down.”

It may be said, but it is possible if the environment is prepared.

If you can do it easily, use a computer stand to raise the height of your computer.

If you are using a computer while looking at documents, you can work without looking down by putting the documents in a binder and leaning it on the tablet holder and placing it next to the computer screen.


Does your child go to cram school?

Most children go to school.

You go to cram school to win the competition, right?


When I was a child, most children didn’t go to cram school, so going to cram school was a differentiator, but now it’s “natural to go to cram school”.

You can’t win against your rivals just by going to cram school.


Is your child looking down while at the desk?

What would you do if you could differentiate yourself from other children just by letting them quit?


“Well, if that alone makes me smarter, I’d like to do that.”

“But can you study without looking down?”


I found a good one at IKEA the other day.

It is a desk to put on the desk.

It is about 30 centimeters tall.

If you put this on your desk and study, you can study without looking down.


There are many other ways to raise the height of your desk.


You can study more than twice as efficiently as before, so you can easily make a difference to your rivals.


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