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How to deal with hot flashes

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“Sometimes my face gets hot.”


Hot flashes are one of the symptoms of menopause.

It is caused by hormonal imbalance after menopause.

At the hospital, I am being treated with injections of hormones.

However, it may or may not be effective


This is because most hot flashes are caused by hormonal imbalance, but there are other causes as well.


So, what are other causes other than hormonal imbalance?


Have you ever heard the phrase “cold flashes”?

“Cold cold? I’ve never heard of it.”

most people would say.


Hot flashes will be better if you improve this hot flash.

So what is cold flash?


Cold hot flashes are a state in which coldness and hot flashes coexist.

In other words, the lower body, including the stomach, is cold, and the upper body, including the face, is hot.


What this state is like is that the heat in the lower body including the stomach rises to the upper body including the face.

This is the state of cold hot flashes.



Wrong remedy for hot flashes


From here, I will tell you how to deal with hot flashes that many people tend to do wrong.


①Lightly dressed

Many people with hot flashes come dressed lightly.

“It’s hot and I can’t help it.”

Is called.


It’s okay to wear light clothes on your upper body, but please keep your stomach and lower body warm.

Because the heat is going to the upper body because the stomach and lower body don’t need heat.


You need to keep your stomach and lower body warm on a regular basis to let your body know that your stomach and lower body need heat too.

Then the heat of the upper body will come down to the lower body and the hot flash will be better.



②Drink or eat something cold


This is also for the same reason as above.



“I feel like I’m calming down when I drink something cold when it gets hot.”

There are many people who say.


However, if you repeat this, your stomach will get cold easily, and hot flashes will get worse.


It is important to keep your stomach and lower body cool in order to improve hot flashes.



③ Do not soak in the bathtub

Many people do not get into the bathtub after having a hot flash.


“Because I can’t stop sweating”



However, one of the causes of hot flashes is the coldness of the lower body, so it is better to use the bath every day.

A half bath is also fine.



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