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3 ways to improve the intestinal environment, part 2

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3 ways to improve the intestinal environment ・In the first part, I recommended “do not eat”.


In this sequel

“Even if you say so, you can’t always not eat.”

By the way, in my experience, “What not to eat?” can improve the intestinal environment more quickly than “What to eat?”



How to improve the intestinal environment

No. 2: Do not eat wheat


How would you feel if someone told you that wheat is making your gut tired?


“You’re such an idiot!”


do you say?


But people with wheat allergies are not uncommon.


“Even though I’m not allergic to wheat?”

Even people who say that they eat bread and pasta every day are bloated.

My gut is tired.


Why does eating bread and pasta make your internal organs tired?

This is because many of us Japanese are unfamiliar with wheat.


Bread came to Japan in earnest after the war.

Until then, rice was the main meal.

Wheat is still a new food.

I think the cells are probably not compatible with wheat.

Do Italians and French have wheat allergies?

I don’t think there are as many Japanese people.


On the other hand, there are very few Japanese who are allergic to rice.

It seems that there are people who are allergic to rice, but I don’t have one around me.


“But it’s impossible not to eat bread and pasta!”

There are not many people who say that.

Stop “daily” and “every morning” and try “every other day”.


That alone will improve intestinal fatigue and reduce stomach tension.



How to improve the intestinal environment

3. Don’t eat convenience store bento


There are many food additives in the world.

It is difficult not to eat all of them, but convenience store lunches are the ones that significantly worsen the intestinal environment.


People who frequently eat convenience store bento have a very bloated stomach.

Many people have insomnia because of it.


Most of the people who eat convenience store bento are “because it’s easy”.

Prices are not cheap either.

If you eat it frequently, you will get used to the taste and you will not think it is delicious.


I don’t think lunch boxes in town or supermarket side dishes are very good, but they are much better than convenience store lunch boxes.


“It’s a little troublesome because it’s a little far away.”

You may think so, but please be careful as regulating your intestinal environment is directly connected to regulating your physical condition.



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