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Three ways to improve the intestinal environment, part 1

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how is your stomach?


“Hold your stomach well…”

“My stomach is always bloated…”

“Have no appetite,,,”

If you say, you can say that your intestinal environment is not good.


What are you doing to improve your gut health?

“Recently, I’ve been trying to drink the lactic acid bacteria drink that I often see in TV commercials.”

Some people say.

I think it’s fine if it fits.


“How do you know if it fits or not?”

“Blood test?”

The results will tell you if they match.

It is whether or not the constitution and anorexia are improving immediately.


In my experience, I don’t often hear people say that they “get better” after starting to eat something good for their body.

So how can we improve the intestinal environment?



Three ways to improve the intestinal environment

1. Don’t eat


Many people are thinking about what to eat to improve their intestinal environment.

But it’s best not to eat when the intestinal environment is bad.


“Is it okay not to eat?”

Well asked.

To say that the intestinal environment is bad is to eat too much or keep eating things that are not digestible and the intestines are tired.


What do you do when you are tired?

You should rest.

If you go out to play even though you are tired, or if you continue to work as you are, your body will eventually break down.


It is the same.

Even if the food is good for digestion, the intestines still have work to do.

Give your gut a rest.


Fasting for 16 hours is recommended.

Fasting for 16 hours activates a function called autophagy that activates cells.

Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi of the Tokyo Institute of Technology won the Nobel Prize for this research.


When the autophagy function is activated, it improves the function of the heart and kidney, regenerates new cells, and increases the burning rate.


but you

“Sixteen hours?”

You may be surprised, but for example, if you eat dinner at 8:00 pm, skip breakfast and eat lunch at 12:00 noon, this will complete 16 hours.


“Is it okay if I don’t eat breakfast?”

This is another popular question.


Different people say different things.

“Do not eat”

“It’s okay if you don’t eat”


I can only say that you should try this.

Since everyone’s body is different,


But everyone I recommend

“If you don’t eat breakfast, you’ll be fine.”

I’m saying.

try it.


Continuing in the second part,,,


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