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how to get rid of anxiety

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are you feeling anxious?


“It’s a time like this, so I’m worried about various things.”

If you say it, it’s an anxiety that has a reason.

If you’re worried about money, change your job. If you’re worried about raising children, talk to someone.


Instead, if you are feeling “vague anxiety” or “vague anxiety”, your anxiety will disappear if you do the following.



how to get rid of anxiety

1. Move your body


“I’m kind of uneasy,”

The first institutions that people visit are psychosomatic medicine and psychiatry.

I was prescribed tranquilizers and anti-anxiety medications and took them daily.


But unfortunately this is not the ultimate solution.

This is because this “vague anxiety” or “vague anxiety” does not come from mental things.


Although it is not well known, this “vague anxiety” or “vague anxiety” is caused by cardiac autonomic imbalance.


Here are some steps to help you feel uneasy:

The autonomic nervous system of the heart becomes weak.
Then you start having palpitations.
When the heart palpitates, one begins to feel “anxiety of death.”
This becomes “vague anxiety” or “vague anxiety”.

So why is it effective to move your body when you feel anxious?

The heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body.

However, it is difficult for the heart to keep pumping blood throughout the body.


That’s where the muscle pump action comes into play.

By moving the muscles, blood can be sent throughout the body.


Most of the time I feel anxiety when I’m sitting.

If you are able to move, stand and walk.

The pumping action of the muscles during movement helps a weakened heart, reducing anxiety.



how to get rid of anxiety

②Do not look down


He stated that the feeling of anxiety came from an autonomic neuropathy of the heart.

Then why does the autonomic nervous system of the heart malfunction?


The autonomic nerves of the heart are located in the spine.

It emerges from the first thoracic vertebrae, especially on the upper back.

This thoracic spine is the most distorted when it is looking down.

When the first thoracic vertebrae is distorted, the autonomic nerves of the heart inside are affected and deteriorate.


Don’t look down.

Raise your computer as high as possible.

If the keyboard becomes difficult to use, use an external keyboard.

Operate your smartphone at eye level as much as possible.



how to get rid of anxiety

Part 3: Cleaning the toilet


My latest obsession is cleaning the toilet.

At that time, do it with your bare hands as much as possible without using brushes.

It will be very refreshing after finishing.



In addition to these things, try to spend your time with a good posture.


good posture

Place the back of your hand on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the back of the hand and arch the spine. there is).
Only this.

“Is it okay if I don’t puff out my chest?”

Yes, please don’t push yourself.

Pushing your chest out can make things worse.

Specialized in depression and autonomic imbalance

Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

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