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how to take medicine

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Do you know how to take medicine?


“Do you understand because the usage and dosage are written?”

you may say.


I heard something like this the other day.

“The tranquilizers that are currently available are strong and addictive, so I really don’t want to take them.



“If you don’t want to drink, why don’t you talk to your teacher?”

if you talk to

“Even if I talk to my doctor, he won’t listen to me. I don’t really trust the doctor who is seeing me now.”

I got an answer that said


Have you done this kind of interaction too?

“What’s wrong with the exchange just now?”

“I don’t want to take either, but I have no choice but to take the medicine that was given to me, you know?”


Have you ever heard the term placebo effect?

A placebo is a drug that looks like the real thing, but does not contain any active ingredients.


What is the placebo effect?

“It’s an effective drug.”

It says that it actually works when you take it without knowing that it is a placebo.


This includes people who take drugs

“It’s an effective medicine because it’s given by this teacher.”

It is essential to trust.


So, what kind of relationship does this placebo effect have with “I don’t want to drink but I have no choice but to drink”?


the aforementioned person

“If you drink it, you’ll feel worse,”

I also say.

In fact, this person continued to take this medicine and was getting worse and worse.


you see?

This is also a placebo effect.

“Drinking makes me sick”

I’m taking it believing that, so I’m going to get sick when I drink it.


Strong stabilizers also contain ingredients that actually make you sick, so you’re mentally supporting this effect.


The placebo used to demonstrate the placebo effect was wheat flour.

Even wheat flour works if you believe and drink it.


So how should I take the medicine?


“This medicine is good medicine”

“This medicine is the medicine that will help me.”

“This medicine will make me feel better.”

Decide and drink.

That makes a difference in how the medicine works.


This person mentioned earlier

“If you’re going to drink anyway, please drink while affirming.”

When I told him that, the next week his complexion had improved.


“Life is a place for one’s heart”

And Tempu Nakamura also says.

It’s not what you drink, but how you drink it.

is important.



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