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Do you get headaches when you look down? !

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Do you often look down?


“I spend most of the day looking down because I have a desk job.”

Many people say that.


Children are much more likely to look down than they used to be.

Many children look at textbooks and write notes while taking classes at school, and go to cram schools after school.

Even after returning home, I’m looking down with my smartphone or game,,,



“Is there something wrong with looking down?”

You may wonder.


What if I told you that looking down makes you dumb?

“So stupid”

do you say?


In fact, research has shown that if you tilt your head 20 degrees and look down, blood flow to the brain decreases by 40%.

At just 20 degrees, blood flow in the brain is cut in half. !

Is not it amazing?


When you look down, you are probably looking down more than 20 degrees.

What this means is that if you’ve been working hard at a desk for three hours in the morning and you’re still looking down, the blood flow in your brain is about half that.

It means that you can only do 1 and a half hours of work.


Or even if you were able to do 3 hours of work, you would still be suffering from 6 hours of brain fatigue.

You are doing something very inefficient.


“But the computer I use at work is a laptop, so I have no choice but to look down.”

Many people say that.


A simple solution to this problem is to put the computer table down and raise the computer about 5 centimeters.

Then tuck your chin and look down at the screen.


And if you want to solve it more fundamentally, take the plunge and raise your laptop screen to eye level.

Typing becomes difficult, so please purchase an external keyboard, connect it, and keep it handy.

With this, you can work almost without looking down.


Is your child studying hard?

“I’ll be an exam student next year.”

If you say so, please be careful not to look down.


“But the desk is low, so I can’t help but look down.”

Having said that, I found a good one.


IKEA sold a desk to put on the desk.

It’s about 4000 yen.

If you put this on your study desk and study, you can study without looking down, so you can use your brain efficiently.



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