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Your current physical condition is an accumulation of lifestyle habits

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How would you feel if I told you that your current physical condition is the accumulation of your lifestyle habits?


“I didn’t do anything wrong, so I can’t accept it.”

Do you think that?


But if you look at it from someone else’s point of view

“Huh?! Are you doing that??”

You may be doing what you think.


Recently, her mother has been going to her parents’ house regularly for treatment because of her back pain.

What I saw there made me wonder, “Why are you doing that?”


While sitting in the dining chair, there was a leaflet on the desk, and suddenly I dropped the leaflet on the floor.


“Why did you drop this leaflet on the floor?”

when I hear

“I’m going to use the desk from now on, so it’ll get in the way.”

I say it calmly.


For people with back pain, picking things up off the floor can be quite a burden.

In addition, her mother has bad knees and cannot bend them very much.

That means you can’t pick up something below unless you bend your waist considerably.


Years of this bad habit have resulted in some pretty bad back pain.

I stopped doing this immediately.


Also, I found that I had to bend down to get the dishes in and out because I put the dishes I use quite often at the bottom of the cupboard.


This was also improved, and frequently used items were moved to the upper drawer.

Just by improving these two things, my back pain has improved considerably.


Another case.

“I am very careful about my posture.”

This is a woman who says

Admittedly, the part I’m pointing to was in pretty good shape.


But her neck and shoulder muscles are sore

“I don’t feel better”

It said.


i think maybe

“Your posture is good, but are you leaning forward?”

I just heard

“I keep my spine straight, but it’s hard to see the monitor, so I lean forward to get closer.”

I answered.


This state is the same as holding a bowling ball diagonally instead of holding it vertically.

If you do this for 7 or 8 hours, it is natural that you will have muscle pain in your neck and shoulders.


I asked him not only to pay attention to his posture, but also to stop sitting forward.

After that the pain improved significantly.


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