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do you care? Eating order and chewing frequency

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“I’m so hungry that I can’t sleep unless I eat before I go to bed at night.”

They said.


This person is taking a stabilizer and it seems that the side effect is easy to feel hunger.

He started taking medicine and gained weight.


However, recently my physical condition has improved and I have reduced the amount of medicine, so I have seen signs that I can control it on my own.


“My stomach is always heavy”

He also said.

because he keeps eating.


Many people think about what to eat and what is good for digestion in order to improve their digestive system.

But the most gentle thing for the stomach and intestines is “not to eat”.


“If you don’t eat, your stomach will rest and you’ll feel better soon.”

I just told you

“If I don’t eat it, I’m afraid I’ll be in a hypoglycemic state and feel dizzy, so I can’t do it because I’m afraid.”

It said.


This person is dizzy, so he doesn’t want to have low blood sugar as much as possible.


So, what should I do to improve my gastrointestinal condition without lowering my blood sugar too much?


that is

Eating order and chewing frequency

It’s a matter of worrying about


If you’re on medication, it’s normal to feel hungry.

However, if you don’t eat a little bit, you’ll be hungry soon, and you’ll be in a state like low blood sugar, because the order of eating is wrong.


Don’t you get hungry 2-3 hours after eating?

“Certainly, you’ll be hungry about three hours after lunch.”

If you say, please review the order of eating.


Are you eating rice at the beginning of your meal?


“What’s wrong with that?”


When you first eat a high-sugar food, your blood sugar level rises quickly.

As a result, the pancreas releases a large amount of insulin, which in turn causes a sudden drop in blood sugar.

Then your blood sugar will drop and you will feel hungry.

This is why you get hungry quickly.


Change the order in which you eat.

First, eat miso soup or soup, then vegetables and boiled dishes, then fish or meat, and finally rice.

By doing so, you can prevent a sudden rise in blood sugar levels.


And please chew more than 30 times.

You can eat slowly by chewing 30 times.

Then, it is possible to suppress the rapid rise of blood sugar level, and it can also help digestion in the gastrointestinal tract.


Please practice from today’s meal.


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