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Aren’t you doing gym sitting?

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Are you sitting in the gym?

Or does your family use gym sitting?


“I’ve been doing gym sitting at home for a long time.”

“Since my child is in elementary school, I sit at home for sports training.”



“What’s wrong with gym sitting?”

“Isn’t it good because it’s a way of sitting recommended at school?”

You may wonder.


However, sitting at the gym is a lifestyle habit that “does a lot of harm and does no good.”


Just recently, a patient who suffered from depression a few years ago and had been going to a treatment clinic for several years came to our hospital after feeling ill again.

When she asked him how he sat at home, he said that he was sitting on the gym.

From that day on, he stopped sitting on the gym, but now he is feeling better.



Also, when I asked a junior high school child how to sit at home because he could not get up in the morning and could hardly go to school.

“I am sitting on a chair”

I asked him again because he didn’t improve as expected.


“Are you sitting in a chair?”

“Yes, it is”

“How are you sitting?”

“It’s a gym seat.”


I was taken aback by this, but from that day on, I asked him to stop sitting on the chair for physical education, and he gradually improved.


Another female patient has been suffering from back pain so badly that for years she says she can only sleep on her side during the night because she can neither lie on her stomach nor lie on her back. was.


Then she couldn’t sleep well, so she was always tired and her endometriosis was getting worse.

She said that this person also spends his time in the gym sitting at home.

She said that she sits while using her smartphone and sits while watching TV.


From that day on, she was asked to stop sitting on the gym.

As a result, my back pain improved day by day, and now I can freely lie on my back and lie down.

“I want to do martial arts.”

I’m so energetic that I can say anything.


So why is sitting in the gym not good?

It’s because the curvature of her spine is out of order.

The spine is severely twisted.


Autonomic nerves, motor nerves, and sensory nerves pass through the spine.

When the spine is distorted, these nerves are affected and get worse.

As a result, they suffer from the symptoms mentioned above.


If you are sitting in gymnasium right now, please stop immediately.

If your loved one is sitting on the floor for physical education, please tell them, “That way of sitting is harmful and not beneficial.”


Specialized in depression and autonomic imbalance

Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

Nishifuna Reset Manipulative Clinic


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