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how to flatten your stomach

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Are you hungry?


“It started to come out gradually after I turned 30.”

“I’m doing a lot of things, but it’s hard to get depressed…”


Certainly, there are many people who have a belly even though they have been going to the gym for many years.

I’ve been hungry since I was in my late 40’s.


“At this rate, I’m going to become an uncool middle-aged man.”

I started a lot of things with a sense of crisis.



how to flatten your stomach

Part 1: Reduce sugar


For many people, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to losing weight is dieting.

If you reduce your current weight even a little, your stomach will inevitably become dented.


However, many people fail to diet.

It’s because I can’t stand being hungry.


“I’m hungry”

“I want to eat”

When you think about it, your consciousness will inevitably turn to food.

As a result, they eat uncontrollably.


In fact, this ′′ Patience ′′ is the enemy of diet.

“But if you eat the same amount as usual, you won’t be on a diet, right?”


So what I’ve been working on is reducing sugar.

Only carbohydrates, which are staple foods such as white rice and pasta, should be reduced.


Specifically, I eat only one staple food per day, and eat a lot of meat, fish, and boiled foods to fill my stomach.


“Aren’t you eating too many calories by eating until you’re full?”

You may think that, but the latest research shows that the important thing in dieting is not the amount of calories, but the amount of carbohydrates.


If you reduce the amount of sugar, you can diet even if you eat other things until you are full.

I think you can easily work on this.



how to flatten your stomach

That ② not abdominal muscles,,,


A lot of people train their abs to get a flat stomach.

But as a result, it seems that there are a lot of people who are not good enough.


The abdominal muscles are actually very thin muscles.

It’s a little unreasonable to dent your stomach with just this muscle.


So how do you make your stomach sag?

The answer is “psoas major”.


The psoas major muscle is one of the inner muscles that connects the waist and both hip joints.

In terms of pork, it’s fillet.


When you train this muscle, your stomach will be dented around the groin.

So how can you train your gluteus maximus?


This muscle is the muscle that raises the leg.

“Then raise your legs?”

There are ways to train more efficiently than that.


Have you ever done abs workout?

Lie on your back, bend your knees, and raise your upper body to train your abdominal muscles.


At that time, raise your upper body so that you do not bend your waist and round your back.

That’s how you train your lumbar muscles.



“It’s tough!!”

“I can’t get up!!”

should say.


So start by standing up with your knees bent.

Then, gradually bend your body backward until you can bear it, and when you feel that you can’t do it anymore, put it back.

Keep doing this about 10 times.


The most important thing is to say that the waist should not be bent even 1 mm.


Please try the challenge.



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