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Is cleaning a tranquilizer? !

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There’s something I’ve been into lately.

It is “cleaning”.


When I have free time, I sweep the floor and clean the kitchen.

What does this mean?


Basically, I have no health problems, but there are times when I feel uneasy when I am not doing anything.


So far the blog

“Let’s move our bodies”

I’ve been telling you.


The reason for this is that the essence of anxiety lies in “cardiac autonomic imbalance.”

When the heart becomes weak, “death anxiety” occurs.

Then I always feel uneasy.


The heart is an organ that circulates blood throughout the body.

However, it is very difficult for a single heart to circulate blood throughout the body.


It’s the ′′ muscles ′′ that help you there.

When you feel anxious, your muscles contract when you move your body, and the pump action promotes blood flow throughout the body, helping the heart and reducing anxiety.


this time i

“It’s good to move your legs as much as possible.”

I was telling you, but this time I made a new discovery.


that is

Anxiety is relieved when cleaning

It is to say.


Especially if you carefully clean the place where the dirt is strong such as the kitchen, you will be quite mentally calm.


First, wipe the entire surface with water.

Next, it is very pleasant to put your nails in the gap between the stove and the kitchen table and scrape off the dirt.

This alone will calm you down.


And the best advice is to clean the toilet.

A lot of people

“I don’t want to be near the toilet the most”

“I don’t want to touch the stool”

Isn’t it?


Overcome here and dare not use a brush, clean by hand.

Clean the joints of the toilet seat with your nails.


The backside of the toilet bowl is surprisingly dirty.

Clean up here as well.



“Something very refreshing.”

I feel like saying


This is what Seikan Kobayashi wrote in his book, but it seems that cleaning the toilet, which is considered the dirtiest place, has the effect of flushing out the stagnation of feelings.



The most effective action is “cleaning the toilet with bare hands”.


I was also very reluctant at first, but once I tried it, there was no reason.

It’s pretty mentally calming, so please try it with courage.


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Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

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