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“Walking” therapy

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I enjoy walking these days.

I used to like walking so much that I could walk for 2-3 hours without any problem.


Recently, I’ve been uploading this “how to walk” blog in quick succession, so some people may already be practicing it.

It is well received by those who have directly instructed and practiced at our clinic.


“Hip joint pain gone”

“Knee pain gone”

“I feel less tired”

“Walking faster”

‘Panic attacks lessened’




“I can vaguely understand that the pain in my hip joints and knees will go away, but will it even improve my panic attacks?”

You may wonder.


It has been said for a long time that when you walk, your thoughts are collected and you do not feel uneasy.

Walking also has a calming effect.


But here something a little different is working to improve the panic attacks.

that is

Because the spine is aligned



Few people know that panic disorder is not a psychosis but an autonomic imbalance.

Of course, the emotional aspect is also ultimately involved, but the root cause is autonomic imbalance.

In particular, the symptoms appear because the autonomic nerves of the heart have weakened.


Where is the autonomic nervous system?

it’s in the spine.


Walking correctly keeps the spine straight and has the effect of improving movement.

Now let’s talk about the correct way to walk that I recommend.


As you step forward with your right leg, squeeze your left buttock muscle (gluteus maximus).

Next, when you put your left leg forward, you’ll put a lot of strength in your right buttocks muscle (gluteus maximus).

Just keep alternating.


As a result, it will be like “put your feet back” rather than “put your feet forward”.

It will be more like “kicking the ground with your toes” rather than “raising your toes.”


This will allow you to use the muscles in your glutes, hamstrings, calves, and toes that were previously underutilized, making walking easier.

I can keep my eyes straight and walk faster and smoother than ever before.


You may feel muscle pain at first, but please think “I didn’t use my muscles so much” and walk positively.



Specialized in depression and autonomic imbalance

Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

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