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Can food cure ulcerative colitis?

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From someone who always comes

“My younger brother has been suffering from ulcerative colitis for 30 years and has been telling me to go see a doctor, but he won’t ask me to do something about it myself.”

They said.


I heard that the younger brother is trying to collect various information on the Internet.

It seems that the information that the person is collecting is “What should I eat to cure ulcerative colitis?”


For me, “What should I not eat?” is more important than “What should I eat?” is.


However, this person’s younger brother seems to have arrived.

“According to my younger brother, animal-derived lactic acid bacteria do not reach the intestines, so eating nukazuke, which contains plant-derived lactic acid bacteria, has improved my ulcerative colitis considerably.”

I did it with.


The effect of food depends on the person, but in the future, I would like to tell people who are suffering from ulcerative colitis to try it.


That said, it has taken this person’s younger brother 30 years to get here.

If you practice my treatment method and lifestyle guidance properly, it will improve considerably in 1 month at the earliest, or 3 months at the latest.


So, what kind of treatment can improve ulcerative colitis early?


It is as follows.

Get spinal correction.
Maintain good posture after correction by maintaining good posture.
Avoid foods you shouldn’t eat.

“What does ulcerative colitis have to do with the spine?”

Ulcerative colitis is a mysterious inflammation of the large intestine.

The cause has not yet been determined.


However, it is the autonomic nerve that moves the large intestine and heals the large intestine.

If the autonomic nerves are in a normal state, ulcerative colitis will improve with each passing day.


So, where are the autonomic nerves of the large intestine located?

it’s in the spine.

You can also say autonomic nerve = spine.


Living a normal life with a straight spine is directly linked to curing ulcerative colitis.


and you

“Don’t give up when you eat this”

Avoid saying


wheat products
Convenience store bento


And if you eat rice bran pickles, ulcerative colitis will get better quickly lol.


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