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What to eat when you have a cold Do not eat?

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I haven’t had a cold in ten years.


But maybe because I cooled down yesterday, my head hurt a little this morning.

It doesn’t go as far as catching a cold, but sometimes I say this.


At times like that, take care of your body.


“Are you eating something nutritious?”

You might say that, but it’s the opposite.



“Did you catch a cold?”

When I feel like that, I try not to eat.

Then, within the same day, you will be in a state where you can say, “I have recovered a lot.”


“If you don’t eat it, you won’t have the strength to fight the cold virus, right?”

You might think that.

In the world, when you catch a cold, it is common to drink an energy drink or eat something that gives you energy.

That’s how I take in energy from the outside and try to fight the cold virus.


What I do is the exact opposite.

I agree with eating good food.

I am careful about what I eat and drink on a daily basis.


However, it doesn’t make much sense to watch what you eat after you catch a cold.

Just because you change your diet for a day or two doesn’t mean your body will change.

If you want to change your body in a very short period of time, most of them will rely on drugs.


So why does not eating lead to cure a cold?

that is

If you don’t eat it, your immunity will increase.



First of all, eating uses a lot of body energy for digestion and absorption.

When you don’t eat, that energy can be used for your immune cells.


second we

“I’m hungry”

When you feel that, immune cells also

“I’m hungry”

I feel.


Then the hungry immune cells become active in search of prey.

Then it finds the cold virus in the body and eats more and more.


It has long been said to be “Hara Hachibu”, but recently it is also called “Hara Nanbu” or “Hara Rokubu”.


Some studies have shown that people who ask themselves, “Are you still hungry?”


you also

“Did you catch a cold?”

Do not eat when you feel

“I’m hungry”

“Immune cells are hungry now, too.”

“Are you in the middle of eating a cold virus?”

Please enjoy it.


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