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How to listen to negative stories

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I’ve been going through with dizziness and anxiety for weeks now.

“I’m fine”

There are people who say


When you came to the hospital today

“How are you doing?”

“I’m not feeling well…”

I did it with.


This person will get sick if he pushes himself a little, so I told him to be careful no matter what he does.


When I asked her about it, her sister’s relationship with her husband was bad, and she was not feeling well after being told over the phone about what to do in the future.


Many people speak negatively.

I don’t think he has any ill intentions, but it’s not an accumulation of people who hear it.


As I’m sure you’ve experienced, after listening to a negative story, you feel heavy and exhausted.


Instead, the person who spoke is refreshing.

This is invisible, but it is an exchange of energy.

Whether it’s on the phone or in person, you’re taking on negative energies.


So what should we do?

The best thing is not to meet.

But this person’s sister seems to call regularly.


She said, “Let’s answer the phone once every three times.”

I told you, but it’s a problem to get sick once in 3 times.



How to listen to negative stories


The most important thing is to be “not friendly”.

“Isn’t that unkind?”

You might say, but negative energies are much more powerful than you think.


It can harm your spirit and health.

If you’re ready for it, I won’t stop you, but if you’re not, don’t get stuck in the depths.

First of all, being empathetic won’t solve this person’s problem.


Then, what to do specifically, in the case of a mobile phone, please make it a speaker.

And please clean, watch TV, and cook while listening to the story.


and sometimes


“is that so”

“That’s terrible.”

Please hit the “appropriately” backhand.


By doing so, you can pass negative stories from right to left.


“You can’t do that when you meet face-to-face and listen to what they have to say.”

The answer is

Avoid meeting people who speak negatively



Nothing good will come of meeting you.

Do not meet for any reason.

If you get rejected several times in a row, you will realize that the other person is not stupid.


Use your precious time more effectively.



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