How to deal with anxiety and restlessness|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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How to deal with anxiety and restlessness

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Aren’t you nervous when you’re anxious?


The other day, a patient who came to the hospital for the first time due to anxiety was restless, rubbing his hands, touching his thighs, and so on during the interview.


In fact, being nervous is a characteristic of people with anxiety.

Haven’t you experienced it too?

For some reason, I play with my hands, and when I’m restless, I end up extorting poverty.


There is actually a good reason for this behavior.

Do you know where your insecurities come from?

“What about money?”

“What about the future?”



If there is a reason to clearly say “this is the problem”, I think it is from there.

but a lot of people don’t


“I’m kind of always anxious”

“A vague anxiety with no reason”

are the majority.


Where does this “vague anxiety” and “vague anxiety” come from?

It comes from the heart.



“What does the heart have to do with anxiety?”

would say


But relationships matter.

Many people who come in with anxiety have palpitations.

Heart palpitations can cause “death anxiety” to appear.

Then you always feel “somehow uneasy” and “vague uneasiness”.

If you specifically add anxiety about life to it, it becomes an anxiety disorder.


Then why do you get nervous? It’s to help the work of the weakened heart.

As you know, the function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body.

However, it is difficult to send blood to the whole body only by the work of the heart.


Therefore, the blood is sent to every corner by the pump action of the muscles.

The muscle compensates for the burden on the heart.


This “fizziness” is a command from the brain to help the weakened heart by moving the body.


It’s good to be nervous.

But it’s not really that effective.

“It’s a good thing, but isn’t it effective?”


70% of your muscles are in your lower body.

Using large leg muscles is more effective than using fewer hand muscles.


“I’m nervous”

If you feel like that, please stand up.

Anxiety usually occurs when you are sitting and not using your muscles.


And if possible, try to wander around or take a walk outside.

When I take a walk, I feel almost no anxiety.



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