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Are you multitasking?

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Are you multitasking?


“What is multitasking?”

Multitasking means doing many things at the same time.

Sounds kind of efficient and good when you hear it like that, doesn’t it?


People who can do things like work feel cool when they use their computers while communicating with each other on the phone, or send emails when talking to people about work.


However, the multitasking that we do on a daily basis is watching TV while eating, operating smartphones while watching TV, thinking about different things while listening to other people’s stories…

Isn’t there a lot of things that I said?


Multitasking seems efficient, but it’s actually inefficient.

Because most of us aren’t built to multitask.


When you multitask, your ability to concentrate on each task decreases, and the completion and progress of your work decreases.


But that’s not the only impact of multitasking.

Multitasking can make you more likely to feel depressed and anxious.


In fact, many people with anxiety who come to our clinic are multitasking.

“Are you using your smartphone while eating?”

“Are you playing games while watching TV?”

“Are you checking your email while we are talking?”

“Aren’t you looking at your smartphone while brushing your teeth?”


Many people answer “yes” to this question.

Isn’t that true for you too?



“But smartphones are so convenient that I can’t stop now.”

would say


That’s right.

Many people operate their smartphones from the time they wake up in the morning and touch them until just before going to bed.

This inevitably makes it easier to multitask.


Actually, I also take a walk or cook while listening to the audio.


But I can understand that if you focus on “here and now”, you will certainly feel less anxious.

People call this mindfulness.

In Japan, it has been popular as zazen for a long time.


“But going to a temple to do zazen is a high hurdle…”

I think I don’t even have to do zazen.

The important thing is to feel “here and now”.


So my recommendation is

Focus on savoring food

It’s a matter.


Many people eat while watching TV.

Especially when watching a food-related program

“This steak looks delicious!”

While saying that, I actually eat sashimi.


“What did your meal taste like today?”

Can you give your own opinion on the question?

Even if you remember what you see on TV, if you can’t express your impressions of the meal you just ate, you won’t be able to develop the ability to notice the happiness that is here and now.


“This sashimi is delicious~”

“Today’s radish is a little spicy, but it’s delicious!”

“Today’s meal was delicious!”

“This tofu should be topped with bonito flakes!”


If you are eating with two or more people, it would be nice to share your impressions while eating.

People who live alone should also focus on eating.



“Thank you.”

“I’m happy”

It’s easier to feel the feeling of saying.



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