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What Causes Insomnia You Don’t Know?

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are you sleeping well


“I haven’t slept much.”

“I wake up several times during the night”

That said, I hope this blog will help you.



What Causes Insomnia You Don’t Know?

Part ① small intestine


Maybe you know.

I’ve been doing a lot of TV commercials lately.

Mr. Hasegawa from Nishikigoi in a commercial for a lactic acid drink

“Improve the intestinal environment and improve the quality of sleep!”

I’m saying.


That’s right.

The intestines, especially the small intestine, are involved in sleep so much that the intestines are said to be the “second brain”.

Drinking lactic acid bacteria drink is one solution.


However, rather than adopting something new, eliminating the causes that make the intestinal environment worse will prepare the intestinal environment faster.


So what do you eat that makes the intestinal environment worse?

Representative examples include “convenience store bento” and “wheat products.”


Convenience store lunch boxes contain many additives.

“If that’s the case, isn’t it the same for supermarket lunches?”

You may say that, but convenience store bento has a lot of preservatives.


People who eat convenience store lunch boxes every day have very bloated stomachs.

Just by switching to a lunch box from a supermarket or a lunch box store, the bloating of my stomach has improved considerably after a week.

Convenience store bento is a burden for the intestines.


And, surprisingly, wheat products can also be a burden on your gut.

If you eat bread every morning and pasta every day, your intestines will get tired.


I’m not saying you should give up wheat, but you should give your intestines time to recover, such as taking it every other day.



What Causes Insomnia You Don’t Know?

The ② pillow


There are many people who wake up in the middle because the pillow does not fit.

And if you don’t have the right pillow, the quality of your sleep will suffer.


“I’m so tired when I wake up”

“My shoulders have been stiff since I woke up.”

“I have a headache in the morning”

If you have symptoms such as “from the moment you wake up”, then nine out of ten, your pillow is the culprit.


“Then, should I make it at a pillow shop?”

The pillow that can be made at a pillow shop is a pillow that fits the “current distorted neck shape”.

It’s not a pillow that creates your “ideal neck shape”.


So what should I do, I should make it myself.


How to make the perfect pillow.

Choose low pillows. If you don’t have one, use a bath towel folded vertically and horizontally once.
First of all, I will sleep on that pillow (bath towel). Remember that feeling.
Fold a hand towel vertically and horizontally once and place it on the neck.
I’ll try to sleep on it. If you think that feeling is “easier” than the feeling you just slept on, that pillow is the correct answer.
Add another hand towel that has been folded vertically and horizontally once.
If you try to sleep and think that it is “easier” than before, that is the correct answer.
If you add another one and think “This is not comfortable”, two is the correct answer, so please put it in the pillowcase so that it does not shift.


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