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what are you eating?

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“What are you eating, teacher?”

I am asked.

As long as she is involved in health, she cannot talk about food without mentioning it.


“What should I do with additives?”

“Is it better not to eat beef?”

I always say this when asked.

“Please work within the range that you can convince yourself without difficulty.”



“Work hard”

“I’m doing something with gritted teeth”

I do not recommend saying



“If you eat this, you will be healthy”

vice versa

“Don’t eat this”

The world is overflowing with information.


There is a reason why contradictory theories such as no meat, eat meat, eat brown rice, and no brown rice are prevalent.


that is

It works if you convince yourself

That’s it.


This is called the “placebo effect”.

from a doctor

“This is a very effective drug.”

There is an experiment that says that even if flour is actually passed, it is effective.


It means that how the person believes and ingests rather than the content of what they are ingesting has an impact on that person.


that’s why

“If I eat this, I can be healthy!”


“It must be very good for your body!”

It’s the most important thing to eat and eat.


That said, what’s wrong

“good for the body!”

You don’t have to force yourself to eat.


Now let me tell you what I care about.



①Do not go to chain stores as much as possible


I try to go to individual stores as much as possible.

I can’t say that chain stores don’t stock well and private stores are good, but at least private stores have more hits.


Chain stores are more likely to use chemical seasonings to reduce variations in taste from store to store.

If you rely on individual cooking skills, there will be a lot of variation depending on the shop.

Use chemical seasonings to suppress it

“Same taste wherever you eat”

I’m trying to

The point is that the taste is averaged.


Unlike this, in a private store, the probability of using chemical seasonings is less because the store owner competes with the competence.

Well, many shops use them.



② Don’t eat too cheap food


watching tv

“A heaping amount of fried chicken for 500 yen”


“Set meal 480 yen”

You can see surprise menus such as


But does it pay for itself?

According to the shopkeeper

“Provided with a deficit preparedness”

I’m saying, but if it’s really going to be a deficit, the more you work, the more debt you’ll have.

There should be no reason to keep doing that.

In that case, it would be better to set up an NPO corporation, right?

It’s the same as volunteering or donating.


To say that even at this price, it is to say that it continues because the original is taken.

“Can you get your money back with 500 yen?!”

You may be surprised, but it should pay off.


The reason is that it is cheap to purchase.

Especially if the chicken is offered cheaply, it is definitely considered Brazilian.


Brazilian chickens are available at Costco as “maru chicken” for a little over 600 yen.

A whole chicken that has been grilled for a long time with various people involved and has become delicious is a little over 600 yen, right? !


The reason why it is so cheap is because it is cheaply produced in large quantities with growth hormones and antibiotics.


Brazilian chicken is banned in the United States.

Due to the import ban, chicken that has no place to go is drifting to Japan, where regulations are loose.


Given the high price of gasoline in recent years, it’s strange that it’s so cheap after taking a long time to ship it from Brazil, the other side of the world.


There are many reasons why it is cheap.

Be careful with overpriced ingredients.


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