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Effortless way to lose weight

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“I’m on a diet, but I can’t seem to lose weight.”

That being said, this blog may help you.


I have been on a diet for several years now and have been successful.

I dropped from 73kg to 65kg, and I was too skinny, so I intentionally dropped it to 67kg.

I’ve kept it that way since then.


I have been on the diet for three years now.

“Huh?! You’ve been doing it that long?”

“Isn’t it spicy?”

It is often said.


It’s not spicy at all.

I can’t continue if it’s painful.

Dieting is a lifestyle habit, so it doesn’t make sense if you don’t continue.


What are your reasons for diet failure?

“I couldn’t stand hunger…”

“I was frustrated by the temptation of sweets…”

Isn’t it most of the things to say?


This “endurance” is your worst enemy.

“But if you don’t put up with it, diet won’t succeed, right?”

you may say.


At a famous diet gym, I lost ◯◯ kilograms in 3 months! I’m hitting an ad and so on, but it seems that most people are rebounding.

Because it demands patience.

So when you reach your target weight after 3 months, the thread will be cut and you will gradually return to your original eating habits.


After all, the most important thing is not to hold back hunger.

So how do you go about losing weight?


my way

Eat one main meal a day

It is to say.


The point is that pasta and rice should be eaten either at noon or at night.

I eat two meals a day, so if you have three meals, try once or twice.


“Will that make you hungry?”

You may say, but if you fill your stomach with side dishes instead of eating rice, you won’t have to endure hunger.


In my case, when I eat fried chicken, I eat cabbage instead of rice.

Put a lot of mayonnaise on the cabbage.


“Wouldn’t adding mayonnaise add too many calories?”

It is often said that carbohydrates are more important than calories in a diet.


I rarely think about calories.

I’m concerned about sugar, but the only thing I’m keeping in mind is the staple food.

After lunch, I eat sweets.

I don’t hold back on sweets either.


how is it?

Shouldn’t this continue?


just short-sightedly

“I want to lose weight by next month.”

It’s not for those who say, but there’s no rebound because you’re going on a diet over a long period of time.

You can easily get into the habit of dieting.


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Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

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