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Effective way to get rid of gastrointestinal fatigue

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There are a lot of people who are sick in the stomach from the new year’s day.



“How many days have passed?”

You might say that, but there’s a reason for this.

that is

because i keep eating



lots of people

It’s noon, so let’s eat.
It’s night time so let’s eat.
I have no appetite, but I force myself to eat.
I have to eat, so I eat.
I am repeating what I said.


Are you aware of this “I have no appetite”?

Are you eating automatically even though you have no appetite?


When you say you have no appetite, your brain is telling you not to eat right now.

My stomach is exhausted from eating a lot of delicious food during the year-end and New Year holidays.

But many people don’t take care of their gastrointestinal tract.


“Gastrointestinal care?”

“Do you want to be examined at the hospital?”

it’s not.

It’s about giving your stomach a rest.



“Does resting your stomach mean eating something that is easy to digest?”

“Drinking a lactic acid drink?”

You might think so, but it’s not.


How to rest your stomach and get rid of its fatigue

don’t eat



Not eating is the best, and it will take the tired of the stomach.

Many people have a habit of eating three meals a day.

This three meals a day also leads to gastrointestinal fatigue.


In other words, if you eat breakfast and then eat lunch four or five hours later, you’re adding work to your gut while it’s still struggling with undigested food.


That being said, my recommendation is to skip breakfast.


“Skipping breakfast will affect your performance at work.”

I think I’ll say


Certainly, it is better for children to eat breakfast because they use a system in which the food they eat immediately turns into energy for the brain.


However, in the case of adults, what they eat does not immediately become energy.

First, the energy in the body is broken down and used.


And the habit of eating three meals a day is relatively new to us Japanese.

The three meals a day was started in the end of the Edo period, when a large fire occurred, and breakfast was served to manual laborers such as carpenters.

That’s why the habit of eating two meals a day is overwhelmingly longer.


There are other reasons why I don’t eat breakfast.

that is

Increased autophagy function



Autophagy is a function that destroys cells by itself when cells fall into starvation and regenerates new cells with the proteins.

When autophagy works, various things such as improvement of heart and kidney function, improvement of immunity, prevention of aging, etc. are improved.


It takes 16 hours for the function to increase.

If you don’t eat for 16 hours, the autophagy function will increase and various improvements will be seen, including the gastrointestinal tract.


“Sixteen hours?!”

You may think that, but you can achieve 16 hours just by skipping breakfast.


For example, if you eat dinner at 20:00, but don’t eat breakfast and eat lunch at 12:00, you can achieve 16 hours.

It’s surprisingly easy, isn’t it?


If you get hungry on the way and you can’t help it, eat nuts.

It is rich in dietary fiber and various nutrients, so it can suppress rapid rise in blood sugar level.


If you don’t eat, your head will be refreshed and your performance will increase.

Try to work on it once a week.


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