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Are you hydrated?

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“If you follow the teacher’s advice and drink a lot of water, you’ll feel better.”

They said.


My recommended daily intake of water is 35ml of body weight.

If you weigh 60 kg, 60 x 35 ml equals 2.1 liters.

Since the weight and height of each person are different, it is more convincing than a uniform number of liters.


but you

“Do I have to drink that much?!”

You may be surprised.

“I’m not so thirsty and I can’t drink.”

you may say.


how much water do you drink in a day

“I think it’s about the size of a plastic bottle.”

Some people say that sometimes.


So why should we drink water even though we are not thirsty?


Do you know the amount of water in your body?

About 80% of body weight in children and 70% in adults.


Which do you think is better, when the water is clean or when it is dirty?

“Well, it’s decided that it’s better to be beautiful.”

would say


If you don’t drink water, you’re directly linked to poor water quality in your body.


Why should I drink water?

“Because I’m thirsty”

it’s not.

You need to drink water to make urine.


So what is the role of urine?

The role of urine is to remove unwanted substances such as waste products from the body.


What happens if you don’t drink enough water?

The body has a function called homeostasis, which maintains a constant state within the body.


If you don’t drink enough water, you won’t make urine because the amount of water in your body won’t decrease.

Then, the waste products in the body will go around the body all the time without going out.


In a car, the engine oil has not been changed for a long time.

You get tired easily, your head gets heavy, your concentration drops, and nothing is good for your body.


“But don’t you get bloated if you drink too much water?”

I often hear the words that say.


Swelling is a state in which waste products accumulate in the body.

To say is to say that you don’t put out much urine.


“What should I drink?”

“What about tea?”

Tea has a high diuretic effect, so it goes out before it circulates in the body.


My recommendation is hot water.

Since the amount of water intake increases, cold things are not good because the body gets cold.


if you drink a lot of water

“I’m feeling better”

There are more days to feel.


Conversely, on days when you are too busy to drink water,

“I’m kind of tired today”

“Oh! I forgot to drink water!”

You can notice.


Please work within a reasonable range.


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Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

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