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What Dizzy People Shouldn’t Do

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Are you suffering from dizziness?


“I’m taking medicine at the hospital, but it’s almost ineffective…”

In other words, avoiding the following will surprisingly improve your dizziness.



What Dizzy People Shouldn’t Do

1. Looking down


Vertigo is worse when looking down.

If you continue to look down, the warp of the neck will disappear.

Hospitals refer to this condition as “straight neck”.

The neck is no longer warped and straightened.


Straight neck may sound good, but there’s nothing good about a straight neck.


When it comes to a straight neck, the neck will be stretched.

Then, the blood vessels running through the neck are slightly pulled.

What happens when you pull the rubber hose?

The tube becomes thinner.

When a blood vessel is stretched, it narrows.


When blood vessels become narrow, blood flow is chronically inadequate.

The otoliths in the semicircular canals float on the lymph fluid.

Lymphatic fluid is affected by blood flow, which results in dizziness.


what is the reason you look down?




When using your smartphone, please use it as close to your line of sight as possible.

If the computer is a laptop, put a stand under the computer and raise it by at least 5 cm.



What Dizzy People Shouldn’t Do



do you use SNS?

“I’m on Twitter”

“I check Instagram every day”

Many people say that.


Don’t you feel sick when you are doing those SNS?

There are also research results that say that using SNS makes you feel anxious and more likely to become depressed.


And dizziness is more likely to occur.

This seems to be affected by “vertical scrolling” regardless of the content of the post.


People with weak semicircular canals get dizzy or feel nauseous when scrolling vertically to see endless posts.


In particular, I don’t know where to end SNS, and I’m looking at vertical scrolling for a long time.

“I’m starting to feel sick…”

Even if you think, you can not stop because it is addictive.


probably most people


“I’m not feeling well, but I can’t stop”

Isn’t there an experience to say?


But why are you using SNS?

I think most people think it’s just a way to pass the time.


Your health is undermined just by killing time.

Find another way to pass the time.

YouTube, Voicy, audiobook, manga, anime, etc.


Minimize vertical scrolling.



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