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Anxiety, nervousness

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Are you restless at home?


“When I’m at home, I get nervous for some reason.”

If so, you may have anxiety.


Anxiety people tend to be fidgety.

I can’t sit still.


“That’s right. When I start to feel uneasy, I have to keep moving my body.”

There are many people who say.


Why do you have to move your body with anxiety?

that is,,,

because my heart is getting weak




“I checked at the hospital, but nothing was found.”

you may say.

Anxiety is not a disease.

Anxiety is autonomic imbalance.


In more detail, anxiety is “cardiac autonomic imbalance.”

As you know, the heart moves automatically by the action of the autonomic nervous system.

Anxiety is caused by the weakening of the autonomic nervous system of the heart.


The structure of anxiety is as follows.

The function of the autonomic nervous system of the heart is weakened.
If this condition continues for a while, palpitations will occur.
When the heart palpitates, “anxiety about death” appears.
Then I always feel uneasy.

Anxiety is caused by weakened autonomic nerves of the heart.

So, why do we move our bodies when we feel anxious?


It helps the weakened heart by moving the body.

The main function of the heart is to pump blood around the body.

However, the work of the heart alone is not enough to send energy all over the body.

It’s the muscles that help it work.

Blood is circulated throughout the body through muscle pumping.


The reason why you are restless is because your brain is telling you to help your heart.



“That’s right. It’s a good thing to be restless.”

you may say.

However, it is the fingertips and arms that make many people nervous.


Moving these doesn’t help the heart much.

If you’re going to move anyway, moving a bigger muscle will help your heart.


In the human body, the lower body is where the big muscles are.

It is especially effective to move the muscles of the legs.


If you feel uneasy, walking is recommended.

If you can’t go out, it’s good to hang around in the house.

Bending is also effective.

Anxiety goes away quickly when you turn your body or make big movements.



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