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Tips for getting good sleep

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How is your sleep quality?


Are you getting enough sleep and feeling sleepy and unrefreshed when you wake up in the morning?

Four hours after you wake up, you can see how you are sleeping.

If you wake up at 7am and feel sleepy or lightheaded at 11am, you are not sleeping well.


I told you how to increase the quality of sleep in the last blog, but I will tell you how to increase the quality of sleep.



How to get your sleep ‘further’

(1) Wheat products


do you like bread and pasta?

“Breakfast is bread every day.”

“When I’m busy, I eat pasta.”

There are not many people who say that.


However, it is not recommended to consume wheat products every day.


“What does sleep quality have to do with eating wheat products?”

would say


Did you know that the gut is said to be the second brain?

Eating a lot of wheat products makes the gut, the second brain, very tired.


“Does eating a lot of wheat products make your intestines tired?”


Even if you are not allergic to wheat, wheat products are a burden for us Japanese.


Especially the intestine, specifically the small intestine, is responsible for 70% of digestion and absorption.

For the small intestine, it is quite a burden to eat wheat products every day.


If you eat bread for breakfast, pasta for lunch, rice for dinner, bread for breakfast the next day, and so on, your intestines will be exhausted.

And it affects your brain, and the quality of your sleep is also reduced.


I am not asking you to give up wheat.

Stop “daily” or “every morning” and try every other day.



How to get your sleep ‘further’

(2) Convenience store products


Are you eating convenience store bento or rice balls?

“I’m busy for lunch, so I’m eating rice balls from the convenience store.”

I think some people say.


I think it’s good once in a while, but I don’t recommend eating it regularly.

Because convenience store products are also a lot of burden for the intestines.


“Is it because of the additives?”

it is.

Additives are also in the supermarket lunch box.

Even bento shops and side dish shops in town probably contain additives.


However, people who regularly eat convenience store products are much more bloated than those who eat them.

My guess is that convenience store products contain more preservatives.


For example, if you buy rice balls at a convenience store in the morning, it’s not uncommon to have them in the evening because you’re too busy to eat them at lunch.

I think that preservatives are used more than usual so that they do not rot for such times.

This is because the fact that food poisoning is fatal for a major chain store.


For those who take convenience store products every day, we recommend switching to nearby supermarkets and bento shops.

It’s not the best choice, but it will improve your gut health and help you sleep better.



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