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tips for good sleep

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are you sleeping well


“I don’t feel refreshed even when I wake up in the morning…”

“I get sleepy in the early afternoon…”

If so, your sleep quality and quantity may not be good.


First of all, regarding the amount of sleep, Japan is one of the most sleep-deprived countries in the world.

The average sleep time of Japanese people is 7 hours and 22 minutes, which is the shortest among the 30 OECD member countries, and there is data that it is 1-2 hours less than European countries.


I’m not saying that the longer the sleep, the better, but in my experience, less than 5 hours seems to affect my physical condition.

As long as I get at least 7 hours of sleep, I don’t think it’s a problem.



How to improve sleep quality


Are you trying to improve your sleep quality?

“I stretch before going to sleep.”

“I do yoga regularly.”

Some people say.


These actions are actions to raise the parasympathetic nerves.

The quality of sleep is determined by how much the parasympathetic nerve can be increased, so it seems effective at first glance.

Yes, stretching and yoga can help.


However, there is an overwhelmingly unknown fact.

that is

The parasympathetic nerve only rises as much as the sympathetic nerve rises

That’s what I mean.


When the sympathetic nervous system is not very active during the day, no matter how much stretching or yoga you do at night, it will not be effective.



“I’m working during the day, so my sympathetic nerves should be up.”

You might say that, but if you’re not a manual laborer, your sympathetic nerves during the day aren’t very high.


Because the sympathetic nerve goes up the most when you move your body.

Even if you sit still and work your head with desk work, your sympathetic nerves don’t go up much.

That’s why the parasympathetic nerves at night only go up.


Move your body during the day.

“Even if you say that, what should I do with my desk work?”


On your morning commute, walk one station away.

Use stairs instead of escalators at stations.

Please use the restroom on the floor above the office.

Please walk to a shop a little far away instead of finishing lunch at the office.

Take a walk in a nearby park during your break.


It is possible to move your body if you devise it.


And if you stretch or do yoga that night, the parasympathetic nerves will also rise, which will improve the quality of your sleep.


Specialized in depression and autonomic imbalance

Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

Nishifuna Reset Manipulative Clinic


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