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hunger medicine

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how many meals do you eat in a day


I think most people would answer 3 meals.

Even if you read a doctor’s book, some people recommend 3 meals a day.

Some say you have to eat breakfast, some say you don’t.


In the past, it was common to eat three meals a day, so more than 90% of people over the age of 80 eat three meals a day.


However, the history of three meals a day is surprisingly recent.


That’s why the history of not having three meals a day is overwhelmingly longer.

Also, that doesn’t mean three meals a day is wrong.


There are various ways of eating in the world.

The idea of ​​Western medicine and the idea of ​​Oriental medicine are quite different, such as one meal a day is good, meat is good, and only vegetables should be eaten.


I also tried various things, but the most important thing is not to eat too much.

Whether it’s meat, fish, or vegetables, it’s fine if it suits you, but eating too much isn’t good for your health.


There is a lot of information out there that says eating ◯◯ will make you healthier, but my recommendation is to not eat it.

To be precise, don’t eat for more than 16 hours.



“Isn’t it bad for your health if you don’t eat that much?

would say

Because I believe that eating makes me healthy.


However, very few people today suffer from malnutrition.

If anything, the tendency of overnutrition is stronger.


There are reasons why I recommend not eating for more than 16 hours.

This is because “the autophagy function is enhanced”.


Autophagy is the ability of cells to destroy their own cells and create new cells using the proteins.


This autophagic function works normally, but it works more strongly during starvation.

When you get hungry, cell synthesis works even more, and various wonderful things happen to your body.


When autophagy works, various things such as heart function, renal function, aging, and immunity improve.

Since the mitochondria in the cells are also renewed, the body’s burning rate increases and becomes energetic, resulting in rejuvenation.


“But I’m not confident that I haven’t eaten for 16 hours…”

You may say that, but you can also include the time you are sleeping.


For example, if you ate dinner at 8:00 pm, went to work without breakfast, and ate lunch at 12:00 noon, you would have achieved 16 hours.


If you get hungry on the way and can’t help it, you can eat nuts.

It is recommended because it contains dietary fiber, is rich in nutrients such as iron and vitamins, and does not raise blood sugar levels.


I take it about twice a week, and my gastrointestinal tract has improved significantly, and my back pain has also improved significantly.

Please try the challenge.


Specialized in depression and autonomic imbalance

Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

Nishifuna Reset Manipulative Clinic


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