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Does Multitasking Cause Anxiety? !

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do you have anxiety?


“It makes me feel uneasy”

“I have a vague anxiety every day”

If so, please check the following.


Are you multitasking?


“Never heard of it.”


Multitasking means doing two or three things at the same time.

“Do ◯◯ while doing ◯◯”

That’s what I mean.


“I can’t do such a skillful thing.”

If you say so, look back.


Are you eating while watching TV?

Are you eating while touching your smartphone?

Are you using your smartphone while watching TV?

Are you looking at your smartphone while brushing your teeth?


In fact, humans are incapable of multitasking.

Women seem to be able to multitask somewhat better than men, but the accuracy of each task is considerably lower.


And the number one problem with multitasking is the inability to focus on the here and now.


Recently, the word mindfulness has become popular, but in mindfulness, we will prepare our mental state by concentrating our feelings on the “here and now”.


Conversely, if you can’t concentrate on the here and now, your mental state will deteriorate.

In fact, some studies show that multitasking can make you more likely to feel anxious.


That said, I also clean, do the dishes, and walk while listening to audiobooks read aloud.

I think it’s good to add something else to “work”.


There are some things that are best avoided when multitasking.

That is “watching TV while eating” or “operating a smartphone while eating”.


This is because it becomes difficult to feel the feelings of “delicious!”, “fun!”, and “thank you!”.

Feeling “delicious”, “enjoyable” and “thank you” after eating is a small joy in our daily lives.

However, the fact that it is difficult to feel small joys makes everyday life boring.


Because there are few great pleasures.

The great joy is something event, winning the lottery, etc. It’s not that kind of thing.


And if you have the ability to feel the small joys, the big joys are multiplied.


It’s difficult to focus on everything all at once, but try to focus on just eating.

“But I can’t calm down unless I eat while watching TV…”

Please think about it.


Are you eating at a delicious restaurant while watching TV?

I don’t think the TV itself is in the restaurant.

Occasionally there are restaurants with TVs, but in my opinion, they don’t want you to focus on the food.


Please try to work on it.

You will enjoy your meal.



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