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Do you care what order you eat?

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The other day, I was listening to Shinosuke Tatekawa’s rakugo.

“I ate soup and salad at an Italian restaurant, and when I ate steak, I thought that this was the end, but I was surprised when the pasta came out at the end. There’s no place for a , right?”

When I heard that story, I felt that the order of eating is different between Japan and Italy and France.


Certainly, when you go to a proper Italian restaurant or French restaurant, soup and salad come out first, then various other things come out, then the main fish or meat dishes come out, and finally pasta or risotto comes out. increase.


Even in Japan, proper restaurants will appear in the same way. I’ve never been to a restaurant before, lol.


In general Japanese sense, when delicious fish or meat comes out

“It goes well with rice!”

I want to eat while saying that, so from the beginning, it’s a meal method that focuses on rice.


I’m sure you’re hungry when soup or salad comes out.

“I want you to serve food quickly.”

Don’t you feel like saying?


But the order in which the dishes are served in an Italian or French restaurant makes sense.


What happens in your body when you eat rice with side dishes at the beginning of the meal?


When you eat rice from the beginning, your blood sugar level rises.

Also, if you eat white rice, your blood sugar level will rise rapidly.

Because white rice is the same sugar as sugar.


The body then releases a large amount of insulin to lower blood sugar levels that have risen too high.

Then your blood sugar level will drop sharply.


Then, 2-3 hours after eating, you will feel hungry.

Then you will have a snack.

If your snack is high in carbohydrates, such as potato chips or cookies, you’ll be hungry again shortly afterwards.


If you repeat this every day, you will become obese as you can imagine.

And because you use so much insulin every day, you’ll eventually run out of insulin.

When you run out of insulin, you end up with diabetes.


“That’s it!?”

“Do something about it!”



Changing the order of your meals will quickly solve the problem.


Follow the same order as Italian or French meals.


First of all, soup, in Japan it is miso soup.

Vegetables with dietary fiber.

Next, side dishes such as fish and meat.

Please eat rice if you can eat after your stomach has calmed down to some extent.


Like the first rakugo story by Shinosuke Tatekawa

“I can’t eat anymore”

If you say, you don’t have to eat rice.


If you change the order of this meal, the rise of blood sugar level will be gradual.

As a result, less insulin is produced, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

No more snacking.


If today’s meal is fried rice and soup, eating nuts such as almonds before meals will slow the rise in blood sugar levels.


You don’t have to change the amount or type of food you eat, so you don’t have to put up with it, so it’s easy to continue for a long time.



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