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How to get rid of gastrointestinal fatigue

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New year’s day is also over today.


We had a lot of delicious treats.

I’m a person who can always control my appetite relatively, but during the year-end and New Year holidays

“Anytime, anything, and how much you can eat!”

I assure you, so I’m doing it every year lol.


As expected, I can see that my stomach and intestines are getting tired on January 3rd.

In particular, many of the feasts have a strong taste, so the stomach and intestines get tired.


In general, the peak comes around the 7th

“Let’s have porridge today.”

That’s why I was able to make a habit of eating nanakusa porridge.


However, if there is a more reliable way to relieve stomach fatigue, wouldn’t you like to practice it?


“Is there a stomach medicine that works well?”

“Is there a way to eat that makes it easier to digest?”

“Is there a medicinal herb that is more digestible than the seven herbs?”


The surest way to get rid of gastrointestinal fatigue is…

Do not eat.


Do you have an appetite when you feel gastrointestinal fatigue?

“I am aware of gastrointestinal fatigue because I have no appetite.”

If it is from the body

“Do not eat”

It is said.



“But wouldn’t it be bad for you if you didn’t eat it?”

You may say that, but not eating makes it easier for your stomach to get better.


What happens when you work at work?

Of course you are tired, right?

What if I work more?

Pretty tired, right?


If the work is finished in one day, the fatigue in the body may recover in a few days from the next day, but if you continue to work hard every day, the fatigue will continue without getting rid of it.


It’s the same as saying to keep eating.

No matter how easy it is to eat nanakusa porridge, you can’t get rid of stomach and intestinal fatigue.


Make a good condition that your stomach doesn’t work by not eating.

And review the habit of saying “it’s time to eat” when you’re not hungry.


Even if you don’t eat for a day or two, you won’t die.

“I don’t eat lunch”

“I don’t eat breakfast”

Please decide while feeling the condition of your stomach and intestines.


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