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A must-see for those who want to live a long life! !

do you want to live long


In order to live longer, it seems that you should turn on the sirtuin gene, which is a longevity gene.

A long time ago, I was recommended a supplement that turned on the sirtuin gene, so I took it.

It was a very expensive supplement.


I’ve been taking it for several months, but I thought that I probably wouldn’t know for the rest of my life if this supplement was effective.


Even if I live to be 100 years old, I don’t know if it’s because of the supplement.

I don’t think I would have been able to live until I was 90 years old if I didn’t take that supplement.

And I thought it was stupid to keep paying for it for a long time, so I stopped.



“It’s a must-see for those who want to live a long life!! Don’t you know how to do that?”

You may say, but there are various ways to live longer in the world.


Watch what you eat and drink, do squats, walk every day…


However, in this blog, I would like to tell you how to “surely” live a long life.

The surest way to live a long life is…

don’t keep sitting



Do you know what determines your life span?


“What are you eating?”


It is the autonomic nervous system that determines your life span.

You cannot control your lifespan.

The only thing you can control is your muscles.


Pulse, blood pressure, blood flow, digestion, absorption, hormone synthesis, cell synthesis, body temperature, nerve transmission, etc.

It is the autonomic nervous system that manages and operates your body.


Where are the autonomic nerves?

It’s “in the spine”.

After the autonomic nerves leave the brain, they are spread throughout the body through the spine.


What happens to your spine when you’re sitting?

“It’s fine at first, but when I get tired, I lean on one elbow.”

“When you sit for a long time, you want to cross your legs, so it’s bent.”

If you say, your autonomic nerve is also getting worse due to the distorted spine.


Then your body’s ability to manage will also decline.

As a result, life expectancy will be adversely affected in the future.


One study found that one hour of sitting can shorten one’s lifespan by 23 minutes.

In that case, it means that you should stand up within an hour.


Try standing and walking regularly, even if you don’t have any errands to do.


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