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how to raise vibration

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Actually, I love spirituality.

It’s about the spiritual world.


by date of birth horoscope

“You are the Sensitive Man, the Spiritual Man”

I was told.


“Spirituality is kind of weird, isn’t it?”

I think there are many people who say.

The law of attraction is also part of the spiritual law.


when you get sick

“That’s what you attracted.”

When asked, most people

“Don’t be silly!”

“There’s no way you can pull something like that out of yourself!”

Is called.


If the Law of Attraction is true, it’s certainly strange that only unhappy reality is attracted and happy future never becomes a reality.


But I believe that the spiritual laws, including the law of attraction, are true.

I think raising the vibration is a convenient law to change reality.


“What is a wave?”

Vibration is the state of consciousness and body.


for example

“I don’t like it”

“I don’t want to do it”

If the negative wave that says is 10Hz


“It’s lovely.”

Let’s say that the wave motion is 1000 Hz.


10 negative waves in a day is 100 Hz, 10 positive waves is 10000 Hz, obviously your vibration is positive and it affects your thinking positively.


So if you raise your vibration, you can do anything, right?

That is right.

Raising your vibrational energy will improve your thinking.


I want to be healthier.

I want more success in my work.

I want to be happier

If that is what you are thinking, raise your vibration and your wish will come true.


as a way to raise your vibration

give thanks

say thank you a lot

To meditation.

There are many other things, but my recommendation is “upward”.



“Aren’t you positive?”

it is.



For example, what are your palms like when you are sitting?

It’s pointing downwards, right?

Try turning it upwards.

Would you like to feel refreshed?


It will be the same feeling as when you go to a shrine and feel refreshed.

Please make a peace sign.

I feel refreshed.

Point your index finger up, point your thumb up, and be conscious of the upward direction anyway.


There is no effect in one or two times, but please try continuing for one day, one week, one month.

If you change your habits, your personality will change.

If you change your character, you change your destiny.

Try to live upwards.



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