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If you believe, will you be healed? ! What is the placebo effect?

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Are you aware of the placebo effect?


The placebo effect is when you believe that a treatment is going to work and then you actually get that effect.



“What do you mean?”

You may say that, but it is so.


Experiments show that doctors give patients

“It’s a very effective drug.”

As a result of giving placebo (wheat flour etc.) and having them take it, it seems that 30% of the patients actually had an effect as a medicine.


Interestingly enough, it was even more effective when doctors weren’t told it was a placebo.


doctors and patients

“This is good medicine”

It is to say that the medicine is effective if you believe with it.


on the contrary

“I can’t trust this doctor”

“This doctor doesn’t listen to me at all”

When there is dissatisfaction such as

“I really don’t want to take medicine, but…”

“It was written on the net that psychiatric drugs have the same ingredients as narcotics.”

“I wonder if I’m okay with taking this medicine…”

If you feel anxious, the effect of treatment will hardly come out.


If you drink anyway

“This drug works for me!”

“If you drink it, it works great!”

It’s good to think and drink.


“I haven’t taken any medicine, so it doesn’t matter.”

Please look back to see if people who say this are doing the same thing in their daily lives.


for example

“I know the hamburgers here are bad for my body, but I can’t quit.”

Aren’t you eating while thinking?


“I know alcohol is bad for my health, but I end up drinking…”

“My doctor told me to quit smoking, but I can’t quit, so I’m still smoking today…”

“Even though I’m getting fat, I eat sweets”



Is there something you know you can’t do, but can’t stop doing?

It would be nice if we could stop doing that, but most people can’t.


Then it would be better if you affirmed it.


If you want to stop drinking but can’t

“Alcohol is a nutritional drink in the heart!”

If you drink it with that in mind, it will really be a nourishing drink for your heart.


when you eat sweets

“Reward for the soul!”

If you eat with that in mind, your heart will be lighter.

I don’t know if I’m fat or not, but…


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