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What is functional dyspepsia? ?

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“I have functional dyspepsia”

They said.


Do you know functional dyspepsia?

“Functional dyspepsia?”

“Never heard of it.”


I actually called a few months ago

“I have functional dyspepsia.”

at that time

“Is that so”

I hung up and quickly looked it up lol.


Functional dyspepsia is a condition in which gastric disorders such as heavy stomach, loss of appetite, and feeling sick are present, but no abnormalities are found in examinations such as endoscopy.


It’s nothing, I’m just talking about stomach upset.

In my opinion, after various tests at the hospital

“You are nowhere wrong”

I think that this name was invented because it does not look good if it is alone.


“You have functional dyspepsia.”

“So, am I functional dyspepsia?”

I can go home with a feeling of convincing lol.


But it doesn’t matter if it’s just an upset stomach or functional dyspepsia.

The most important thing is how to cure this stomach upset.



How to treat functional dyspepsia


Stomach upset has many causes.

A result can only exist if there is a cause.

If the cause is improved, the upset stomach will naturally improve.


So what causes functional dyspepsia?


Causes of functional dyspepsia

1. Number of chews


Many people who complain of stomach upset don’t chew their food very well.


How many times do you chew your food?

“Not counting”

Most people say.

Be mindful of how many times you chew.


“I swallowed it about five times.”

There are so many people who say


Chew your food at least 30 times before eating.

By doing so, the burden on the stomach is reduced and the condition of the stomach is improved.


Causes of functional dyspepsia

② Eat



“You’ll die if you don’t eat, right?”

You may say that, but you don’t have to force yourself to eat when your stomach is not feeling well.


Many people who complain of stomach upset

“I have no appetite, but I’m eating somehow”

Is called.


I’m not saying you should never eat anything for the rest of your life.

When you feel sick or have no appetite, your body

“Don’t eat now”

Please think that you are asked to do so.


At times like that, if you don’t eat, your stomach will rest and you will recover.


“I’m kind of hungry today.”

If you feel like that, chew and eat properly at that time

“Huh? You don’t feel sick today.”

It becomes.


What many people don’t know is that not eating is also a cure.

Please change your habits such as eating at noon or eating at night and try to eat when you are hungry.


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