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Recommended for fast listening

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what is your pastime?


“Is it reading?”

Some people say.

However, when I get on the train and observe people in the car, most people are looking at their smartphones.



“Looking at Instagram”

“Posting on Facebook”

Isn’t there a lot of people who say?


I used to be too.

However, when I was using SNS, I noticed something.

“I’m getting restless for some reason…”


I feel restless.

Various people post on SNS, but the content varies depending on the SNS, but generally “the person’s gorgeous and fulfilling life” is posted.


I see posts like this every day

“Why isn’t my life so good…”

“It’s good, I envy you…”

I feel like saying.


Of course, I don’t think that nice things are happening to people posting frequently.

It’s just a snippet of a part of everyday life.


But when I see posts like that every day, I can’t help but compare myself.

There are also research results that say that watching SNS increases the tendency to become depressed.


But many people can’t stop.

It’s because I’m addicted to SNS.

But originally it was just a way to pass the time.


So how did I get out of my SNS addiction?

That’s because I started using an app called “Audiobooks”.


Audiobooks are apps that allow professional voice actors to read aloud to you.

I heard from my eyes that they were killing time.


Audiobooks contain a wide variety of books.

You can also learn English with novels, self-development, business books, history books, health books, and speed learning.


Until now, killing time was just killing time.

Depending on the case, there were times when I felt depressed, which was more than just killing time.


By turning this into an audiobook to pass the time, I was able to turn it into a learning time.

I have a lot of information and knowledge.


And the recommendation is “quick listening”.

Fast listening means listening to audio at double or triple times.

Speed ​​reading is hard to master, but speed listening can be done by anyone.


Especially when listening at 2.7 times or more, the brain is activated.

Your memory will improve, you will be able to read other people’s stories in advance, and your understanding will increase.


Although it is charged, it is reasonable at 9000 yen for a one-year contract and 750 yen per month.

I’m listening fast, so I’m listening to about 30 books a month.

It has recovered significantly.


And while it is dangerous to walk while looking at your smartphone, you can listen fast while walking.

A walk quickly turns into study time.


In addition, you can do “work” such as cooking and washing while listening quickly.


I don’t feel like reading a book when I use my eyes on my smartphone every day, and I’ve been moving away from the type, so I’m killing two or three birds with one stone.


It is a recommended practice.


Specialized in depression and autonomic imbalance

Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

Nishifuna Reset Manipulative Clinic


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