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A bloated stomach, its causes and remedies

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If you are suffering from insomnia or depression, feel your stomach.


Isn’t it plastered in bread bread?

“Is there a connection between your stomach and insomnia or depression?”


The stomach, especially the small intestine, is said to be the second brain.

The state where this small intestine is stretched is a state of being quite tired.


When the small intestine is tired, its effects extend to the brain.

As a result, you may not sleep well or become depressed.


So why is your stomach bloated?



What are the causes and remedies for a bloated stomach?


I mentioned earlier that a full stomach means a tired small intestine.

The small intestine is responsible for 80% of digestion and absorption.

In other words, what you eat determines the condition of your small intestine.


So, what is the food that puts a burden on the small intestine?


① Convenience store bento


People who regularly eat convenience store bento have very bloated stomachs.

“Huh?! Are convenience store lunches bad for you?”

I think some people say.


Some convenience stores advertise that they use domestically produced rice or that they do not use food coloring, so some people may have an image of safe and secure food.


However, people who regularly eat convenience store lunch boxes are bloated and full.


This is just my guess, but I suspect they have more preservatives than supermarkets and other bento shops.

I don’t think there are people who buy food from a bento store and carry it around for hours, but I think there are people who buy rice balls for lunch at a convenience store and eat them in the evening.


The most unacceptable thing in a major convenience store is food spoilage.

That’s why I think they put a lot of preservatives so that it doesn’t rot.


“There’s only a convenience store near my company.”

For those who say, buy some food near your home, make your own rice balls, bring them in, and put them in the office refrigerator.



② Wheat products


It may come as a surprise, but wheat products can also be hard on your small intestine.

People who eat wheat products regularly are bloated, even if they are not allergic to wheat.


“I can’t stop eating bread”

I think there are many people who say.

“Bread every morning”


“Pasta once a day”

Please stop doing it and try to do it every other day.

It will make your stomach feel less bloated.

It is important to have a period for the small intestine to recover its fatigue.



As mentioned above, if you reduce these two foods as much as possible, your mental state will also be easier to improve.


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