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Can reflux esophagitis be treated with medicine?

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I get heartburn

Something sour rises up,,,

I often burp

Pain around the epigastrium

my voice is hoarse…


If you suffer from these symptoms, you may be suffering from reflux esophagitis.

Reflux esophagitis is a condition in which the muscle that connects the stomach and esophagus relaxes, allowing stomach acid to flow back into the esophagus.


How will it be treated if reflux esophagitis is diagnosed at the hospital?

Anti-inflammatory drugs are often prescribed.


However, this causes reflux esophagitis to last longer.



“Since the symptoms of reflux esophagitis come from inflammation of the esophagus, is it effective to stop the inflammation?”

would say

I think many people who are suffering from reflux esophagitis probably think so too.


However, reflux esophagitis will not be cured even if you take medicine that stops this inflammation.

So what kind of drug is this drug?


Suppose you have a tooth decay.

Taking a pain reliever when your tooth hurts a lot can help.

Medicine for reflux esophagitis is the same as this pain reliever.


However, there is no one who does not go to the dentist just because they took painkillers when their teeth hurt due to cavities.

But what would happen if you had reflux esophagitis and were taking anti-inflammatory drugs and not doing anything?

often worse.


Many people do this.

I just took medicine and did nothing.

The reason is that they misunderstand that it will be cured with reflux esophagitis medicine.


To be clear, reflux esophagitis medicine is an anti-inflammatory medicine, not a cure medicine.

In order to cure reflux esophagitis, you have to do something other than medicine.


“But the doctor hasn’t said anything and I don’t know what to do.”


rest assured.

Reflux esophagitis will improve early if you do something.

What is that thing

improve one’s posture



“Is there a relationship between posture and reflux esophagitis?”


Relationships are great.


Speaking of America, unlike Japan, most Americans do not have insurance.

So medicine is not prescribed as easily as in Japan.

So if you are diagnosed with reflux esophagitis in the United States, what your doctor will tell you

“Better posture”

That’s right.


That’s how much posture and reflux esophagitis are related.


One of the reasons why reflux esophagitis improves by improving posture is the release of the plexus.

If you slouch, this part will be clogged and the movement of your stomach will get worse.


Another reason is the improvement of gastric autonomic nerves.

The stomach moves by autonomic nerves and heals by autonomic nerves.

It’s the spine that has the autonomic nerves.


From this time onwards, please spend your time with good posture.


good posture

Place the back of your hand on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the back of the hand and arch the spine. there is).
Only this.

“Is it okay if I don’t puff out my chest?”

Yes, please don’t push yourself.

Pushing your chest out can make things worse.

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