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Don’t you have to increase your parasympathetic nerves positively? !

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What are you doing to boost your autonomic nervous system?


“I take deep breaths occasionally.”

“I go to yoga once a week.”

“I get regular massages.”


These are effective in increasing the parasympathetic nervous system.


“You don’t have to actively increase the parasympathetic nerves”

What do you think when you say

“What are you going to do without raising your parasympathetic nerves when the world is full of stress?”

would say


Certainly, the power of the parasympathetic nervous system is necessary to survive a stressful society, and in general, many of the ways to adjust the autonomic nervous system are to increase the parasympathetic nervous system.


I don’t even rely on boosting my parasympathetic nerves.

So why are you saying that you don’t have to actively increase your parasympathetic nerves?


that is

Because the parasympathetic nerve does not rise unless the sympathetic nerve rises



The parasympathetic nervous system follows the sympathetic nervous system.

Specifically, how much the sympathetic nerves can be raised while the sun is rising determines how the parasympathetic nerves are raised at night.



“I think my sympathetic nerves are up because I work during the day.”

you may say.

However, your sympathetic nerves are actually not as high as you think.


This is because the sympathetic nerves are most active when you move your body.

If you have a desk job, a housewife, or a driver, you may feel mentally strained, but I don’t think you have much time to move your body.


Your sympathetic nervous system keeps on tensing, but that’s just flying low.


If you want to raise your parasympathetic nerves, you first need to raise your daytime sympathetic nerves.



What you want to do to increase the parasympathetic nervous system


Be active during the day.

“Even so, it’s desk work…”

You may say that, but please try to change the escalator at the station to the stairs, or do not use the elevator at the office.


During your lunch break, try going to a set restaurant a little further away, or if you’re looking at your smartphone at your desk, take a walk nearby, or get off at the station just before and walk.


If you have a 5 minute bike ride to go shopping, walk 15 minutes.

If you’re sitting at home watching TV, try standing up and lounging around.


If you increase your sympathetic nerves in this way, the effects of methods that increase your parasympathetic nerves, such as yoga and breathing exercises, will be easier to see.



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