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Can you take care of your anxiety?

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“It makes me uneasy.”

There are not a few people who say.


It’s called anxiety neurosis.

I always feel anxious and depressed.


“My friends tell me not to worry too much.”

Some people say.

When you feel anxious, you tend to think bad things.


When you feel anxious, if you think about something bright, will your anxiety disappear?

The answer is “NO”.



“Better not think about it too much.”

Some people say this, but no one follows this advice successfully.

In the first place, people who get better with such simple things do not develop anxiety.


It’s very difficult to control your emotions mentally.

I think that if I can do this, I will be enlightened.


So what can you do to get rid of that anxiety when you feel anxious?



how to get rid of anxiety

1. Move


Where does anxiety come from?

“Don’t you get anxious when you think too much about the future?”

“Did you think about work?”

“What about your child’s future?”



Anxiety comes from the heart.


“What does the heart have to do with feeling restless?”

would say


Specifically, when the autonomic nerves of the heart, not the heart, become weak, it causes anxiety.

The heart is driven by the autonomic nervous system.

When the autonomic nervous system becomes weak, the function of the heart becomes weak.


When the function of the heart becomes weak, “death anxiety” appears.

Then you become “very anxious”.

In this feeling of “somehow uneasy”

“the job,,,”

“A child…”

“That person…”

I’m going to add a specific anxiety.


Then, why is it effective to move?

Because muscle is the heart’s friend



When you feel anxious, it’s when your heart is under a heavy burden.

The heart works hard to pump blood all over the body.


Please help me with that kind of heart.

The heart is not the only source of blood flow throughout the body.

Blood is sent to the extremities by the movement of the muscles.


When you’re feeling anxious, moving your body helps your heart, which reduces anxiety.


“What should I do to move?”

If you can go outside, let’s walk.

If not, move your lower body, which accounts for 70% of your muscles.


You can also step on it.

Jumping on the spot is also effective.



how to get rid of anxiety

② Upward



“Let’s move forward”

I think it is said

“Yes, That’s right”

It’s hard to go.




is easy to implement.

It’s how you use your body, not how you think.


Try pointing your index finger up.

Would you like to feel refreshed?

Put your thumb up and goo pose as well.

The peace sign also feels good.

Try to use your body upwards anyway.


I use a thumbs up when I’m walking outside, and a peace sign when I’m carrying a bag over my shoulder.

no one is watching

Even on the train, I put my palms up on my knees.


Please try this.


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Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

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