Are you concerned about food additives? ②|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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Are you concerned about food additives? ②

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⑤ Tar pigments (red, yellow, green No. ◯◯)


It is used for brightly colored foods such as red pickled ginger and fukujinzuke.

In particular, red 2 go is highly carcinogenic, so its use is prohibited in the United States.

It has almost the same composition as plastic.


(6) OPP, OPP sodium, TBZ

antifungal agent.

It is used to prevent mold from sticking to the fruit during long-distance transportation by ship from the United States, Australia, Israel, Mexico, etc.



It is used in imported grapefruits, lemons and oranges.

Especially, it is better not to make jam because it remains on the skin the most.

Domestic citrus fruits are recommended.


⑦ Sodium hypochlorite

It is a disinfectant contained in Kabi Killer and Haiter.

It is the most acutely toxic additive.


It is used for disinfecting cut vegetables and fish.

It is often used at conveyor belt sushi restaurants and izakaya chain stores.

When eating sushi and sashimi, we recommend going to private restaurants as much as possible.



Antioxidant, bleach.

Used for imported wine.

It causes a headache the day after drinking wine.

Imported wine contains 100% antioxidants, so if you want to drink wine without antioxidants, we recommend domestic wine.


I also bought Mercian’s additive-free white wine yesterday, but it was about 500 yen.

If you think additive-free wine is expensive, please look for it.

They are usually found in convenience stores.


(9) Sodium benzoate

It is found in soft drinks, energy drinks, etc.

It is highly toxic and can be converted into benzene in the body.

The cells can then become cancerous and cause leukemia.


(10) Sodium saccharin

It is used in toothpaste and ginger for packed sushi.

It has a chemical formula similar to benzene and is carcinogenic.

You probably won’t eat toothpaste, but you might accidentally swallow it, and use a toothpaste that doesn’t contain sodium saccharin because rinsing your mouth won’t get rid of it.


I use soap bubble soap toothpaste.

It does not contain any dangerous additives and is not expensive.


I also stopped by the dentist, but some people recommend not to use toothpaste.

It doesn’t seem necessary at all.

It seems that TV commercials have the impression that we must use toothpaste.


After reading this far, you may have questions.

“Why does the country allow such dangerous things?”


The country protects companies, foreign countries, and the interests of the country.

The state does not protect our health.

Ultimately, you have to protect your own health.


By all means, let’s acquire the correct knowledge together and put it into practice ♪


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