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easy way to cheer up

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I am on the train now.

If you look around, most people are looking at their smartphones.

There’s nothing wrong with staring at your phone, but no one seems to be enjoying themselves.

It may not look like it, but…


However, in my experience, I feel like my mood drops when I use my smartphone for a long time.

I realized that after I stopped looking at my phone.


Why do you feel depressed when you look at your smartphone for a long time?

The first reason is SNS.

If you look at SNS, you will see it for an endlessly long time.


It depends on the type of SNS, but when I see other people’s sparkling posts,



It’s still good while I’m thinking


“Why can’t something so good happen to me…”

and will be depressed.


The content uploaded to SNS is only a close-up of a part of the person’s daily life.

But seeing that kind of information too often makes me depressed.


The second reason is brain fatigue.

Modern people overwork their eyes and brains.


Even though I use my eyes and brain on my computer at work, I always look at my smartphone during my lunch break, look at my smartphone on the way to and from work, and when I get home I turn on the TV and play with my smartphone. increase.


I do this every day.

If your brain is tired, you will never feel better.


So what should we do?

The best thing to do is stop looking at your smartphone.


but you

“I can’t stop now”

you may say.


But think about it.

Why are you using your smartphone?

You will also have a job.

But most people just pass the time.

It’s just to pass the time and your mood is depressed and you don’t enjoy your day.


However, for many years, I couldn’t stop even though I felt that it wasn’t good.

The reason why I don’t look at my smartphone so much is because I changed my way of killing time from “watching” to “listening”.


My recommendation is an app called Audiobooks.

A professional voice actor will read aloud books of various genres.


And I have a recommendation for you.

It is “quick listening”.

Fast listening is listening to audio at twice or three times the speed.


And by listening at 2.7 times faster, the brain is activated and the rotation of the head becomes faster, and it becomes possible to quickly read what people are saying.


Unlike speed reading, anyone can do it if they get used to it.

I can now listen at 3.5x speed.

Thanks to that, I am now able to listen to about 30 books in a month.


I’m smarter now than when I was just killing time lol.

Also, since I don’t look at the screen of my smartphone much, I feel less tired.


It is a recommended practice.


Specialized in depression and autonomic imbalance

Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

Nishifuna Reset Manipulative Clinic


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