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Is it better to move 50 shoulders?

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Is it better to move 50 shoulders?

What do you think?


“Isn’t it okay if I don’t move?”

“The hospital will rehabilitate you.”

What are the results?

“It took about a year to heal, but isn’t that normal?”


Certainly, when the shoulder reaches 50, the hospital recommends rehabilitation.

Even if you check on various sites on the net, it is written that it will harden if you do not move it.

When I tell my friends that I’ve reached 50 shoulders, most of them

“If you don’t move it, it will harden, so you should rotate your shoulders every day.”

It is said that.


“If you don’t move it, it freezes”

Isn’t this probably said all over Japan?


What is the correct way to deal with 50 shoulders?

the correct answer is

Don’t move when you reach 50 shoulders!




“Will it harden if you don’t move it?”

“Is it going to be a problem?”

You may say that, but no matter what anyone says, don’t move.


I have a question for you.

Which is better, the shoulder is not hardened but continues to hurt for a year, or the shoulder is a little hardened but healed in a month?


I ask the same question to people who come to our hospital, and 100% of the time, they answer the latter.


“Fifty shoulders will take a year, right?”


With proper care, the pain will go away within a month.


What does 50 shoulders mean?

What is generally said is that it hurts because it hardened.

It is also called frozen shoulder in English.

There is a misunderstanding here.


It is not correct to say that the 50th shoulder hurt because it was stiff, but it is correct to say that it hurts so much that it cannot be moved.

50 shoulders have countless small scars on the fascia under the skin, although they cannot be seen.

The wound opens every time you move your shoulder.

That’s when the pain kicks in.


If you had a cut on your shoulder, would you rotate it?

Do you want to rub it?

Do you want to stretch?

You shouldn’t.

Because when you do these things, the wound opens and hurts.


Pain is an essential signal from our brain.

Your brain is telling you, “Don’t do that.”

When you live without pain, your body is made to get better.


but you

“But if you don’t move it, it will harden, won’t it?”

would say


It will certainly harden.

If you’ve ever sprained your ankle, remember.

Were you immobilized with a cast or something similar, and when you removed the cast after the injury had healed, was it hardened?

And then you did rehab, right?


That is right.

Rehabilitation is what you do after you heal.

The best time to move is when the pain is gone.

If you rehabilitate every day, it will take less than a month to return to normal range of motion.


You who have 50 shoulders, please spend your time without pain.


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