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The easiest way to boost your immunity

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It’s getting colder, is not it?

Recently, we often hear the word “immune care”.

Most of them are advertisements for yogurt and similar drinks.


I think that the action of lactic acid bacteria is aiming to improve the condition of the stomach and improve immunity.

In general, it is becoming more common to say that “improving immunity = regulating the intestines”.

I think so too.


According to the latest research, immune cells are produced in the bone marrow, mature in the thymus and spleen, and then about 70% of the immune cells gather in the intestines.

To say, the forefront of immune is the intestines.

That’s why trim your intestines leads to increasing your immunity.


What do you do when you want to boost your immunity?

“Do you think you should eat yogurt every day?”

“Exercise regularly”

etc. is common.


But what if there was a way to radically boost your immune system?

“Well, if you really can do that, I’d like to try it.”


Here are some ways to boost your immune system.

The best way to boost your immune system is…

keep the spine straight




“What does boosting your immune system have to do with keeping your spine straight?”

It may be said, but the relationship is great.


Our gut is beyond our control.

Your bowel works automatically.

Whose instructions are the intestines moving?

It is the “autonomic nervous system”.

The gut is digested and absorbed by the instructions of the autonomic nerves, the intestinal cells are reborn, and the health of the gut is maintained.


What happens when the function of the autonomic nervous system gets worse?

It affects how your gut works, and of course your immune cells.


So, why the intestinal autonomic nerve is going to be bad, it’s because the spine is distorted.

Where is the autonomic nerve, it is in the spine.

You can also say autonomic nerve = spine.


Of course, eating yogurt every day and regulating the intestines with the power of lactic acid bacteria is also significant, but improving the state of the intestines in the first place is more effective and faster.


Keeping your spine straight means “staying in good posture.”


Please refer to the following for good posture.

good posture

Place the back of your hand on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the back of the hand and arch the spine. there is).
Only this.

“Is it okay if I don’t puff out my chest?”

Yes, please don’t push yourself.

Pushing your chest out can make things worse.


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