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Autophagy that restores back pain

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The other day, I fell down at home for some reason.

I didn’t twist anything because I fell, but I’m afraid of what happens when an adult falls.

Sure enough, the next day my back hurt a lot.

It was so painful that I couldn’t wear socks.


What do you do when you hurt your back?

“I’m stretching.”

“It takes electricity at the osteopathic clinic”

“I warmed up in the bath”


What were the results?

“It took about a month to heal.”

“It still hurts…”



What I recommend as a way to cure a gikkuri lower back early is

cool the affected area
stay in good shape
don’t overdo it


“Huh?! Do you want to cool it down?”

“Though TV and books tell you to warm your waist?”

You may say, but if you get a tight back, it’s faster to soak it up and the pain will go away.


In general, it is said that it is correct to warm the body at any time.

Indeed, in most cases that is correct.


However, Gikkuri waist is different.

Gikkuri waist is a kind of “injury”.

You can’t see it, but somehow the muscle membrane under your skin has been inflicted with countless tiny scars.


Do you rub your knees and warm them when they are bleeding?

The heat causes the blood vessels to dilate, causing more bleeding.


Well, there may not be many people who rub their knees to cool them down, but the correct answer is to cool down your lower back.


And what quite a lot of people do is “extra”.


“What is it?”

These include massage, stretching, and electrotherapy.

“It can’t be cured!”

Again, gikkuri waist is an “injury”.

Do you knead or stretch the injured area?

It’s only going to get worse as the wound spreads too much.


“Then I have no choice but to wait patiently for it to heal?”

That’s right, but I got a realization from this Gikkuri waist.


It’s the shortest way to cure your waist.

that is

do not eat for more than 16 hours



If you don’t eat for more than 16 hours, a phenomenon called autophagy will occur in your body.

This is the self-degradation function of cells.

It is said that cells are broken down and new ones are born.

The point is that the damaged cells will get better soon.


Of course, autophagy is activated even if you spend your time normally, but if you do not eat for 16 hours or more, the effect of autophagy increases.


I spent the next day after hurting my back normally, but what happened the next day! It hurts about 1.5 times as much as the day before.

So I decided to improve my autophagy function and skipped lunch.


I don’t eat breakfast in the first place, so I spent more than 24 hours without food in my stomach.

Surprisingly, by the evening of that day, although I still had some pain, I was able to lead a normal life.


In the past, when I was practicing one meal a day, I got too thin, so I stopped halfway through. It suppresses various inflammations such as diseases and is related to immunity and aging, so I will try to work on it once a week.



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